Say hi to Mary, aka Skippercollector!

Her favorite movie is Apollo 13, while her favorite book is The Copper Crown, by Patricia Kennealy Morrison.  We had a fun interview with Mary!


Q:  Is there a story behind your username, Skippercollector?

A:  I am a Barbie doll collector, but my favorite doll since I was a little girl is her younger sister Skipper.  My collection focuses on her.

Q:  Do you have any pets?

A:   Milo is my domestic shorthair female cat.  She was a stray in the neighborhood, and the neighbors thought she was male, hence her boy’s name.  I didn’t adopt Milo.  Milo adopted me.

Q:  What is your educational background?

A:  I have a Bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Northern Kentucky University.

Q:  What influenced your chosen field of study?

A:  Even in grade school, I was good at writing and the teachers noticed it.

Q:  What is your occupation?

A:  I work in the PR department of a local hospital.

Q:  Where do you live?

A:  I live in Ohio.

Q:  What life accomplishments are you proud of?

A:  Go ahead and laugh if you want, or snicker that I am obsessed and have no life.  I spent months looking through all of my Barbie doll reference books and came up with a total of how many different versions of Barbie had been made between 1959 and 1999.  NO ONE, NO OTHER COLLECTOR, had ever done this.  Oh, and the answer is about 2,300.

Q:  Do you have any special traveling stories you’d like to share?

A:  The first time I visited Los Angeles was in 1985.  I’d fantasized about the place ever since I learned in first grade that all the people in my TV set lived in a place called Hollywood.  We spent the week sightseeing, but little knocked me over.  Until….we drove down to Huntington Beach.  As soon as we got off the freeway and started driving down Beach Boulevard, I was dumfounded.  This was the LA I’d had in my head all my life–the wide boulevard with the smaller businesses and all the palm trees lining it; the huge pier and the wide beach.

Q:  Where is one place in the world you would love to visit?

A:  Australia

Q:  Tell us about your doll collection.

A:  I have collected more than 900 Barbie and family dolls since the 1980s.

Q:  What enticed you to join the Answers community and what do you like best about the site?

A:  When I started looking through all the Barbie doll questions, I noticed that many were repetitive and the anal-retentive part of me knew that they could be combined.  Plus, I knew a lot of the answers myself.  I also read a lot of misinformation that needed to be corrected.

Q:  What is your favorite thing to do on

A:  Deleting the inane or incomprehensible questions!

Q:  If you were inviting someone to join, what reason(s) would you give them to convince them they would love being a part of our community?

A:  I’ve already done it several times, suggesting that other doll collectors in general or Barbie collectors in particular would want to impart their knowledge.

Q:  If you could be any animal, what would you want to be?

A:  A cat.  Doesn’t everyone?

Q:  What are some random favorites you have?

A:  Some of my favorite things in life are:

Astronaut: Jim Lovell/Shannon Lucid
Athlete: retired professional Australian surfer Cheyne Horan
Car: red Chrysler Sebring convertible
Color: red
Doll: Skipper, of course! (particularly the 1968 Twist N Turn, 1970 Living, 1987 Jewel Secrets and 1989 Cheerleader Teen)
Play: Jesus Christ SuperStar/Mamma Mia!/Man of La Mancha/The Music Man/1776!
Sitcom: Dharma & Greg (1997-2002)/My Family (2000-?)/WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-1982)
Sound: jet cruising at 30,000 feet/bobwhite call
Vacation spot: Huntington Beach, CA


Announcing Answers’ top five Community Outreach WikiGuides in 2014!

We had an awesome year in Community Outreach in 2014. WikiGuides were busy greeting new contributors, inviting former contributors and supervisors to return, delivering well-wishes and congratulating members of the community for their accomplishments.


These top five WikiGuides for the year will receive shiny new badges on their profiles and Answers merchandise for their outstanding efforts:

1st place – ChuckSiata
2nd place – Fish247
3rd place – Darksyde
4th place – Xnicola
5th place – Skullcandy88

For 2015, we have a program goal of completing 3000 missions, and WikiGuides are off to a great start!

If you are interested in joining the Community Outreach program, reaching out to the community by completing fun missions, earning badges and receiving Answers and program swag, email Robin at

2014 WAmmy Awards!

Congratulations to the 2014 WAmmy Award winners (for questions and answers posted in 2013)! These questions, answers, and contributions are outstanding, and I’m so proud to work with this community!  Thank you for your nominations and votes!

Answer of the Year

Holiday guy
Why is saving money a good idea?

Acceptance Speech:
Wow, what an honour this is. Firstly I’d like to thank all of you that voted for me but in all honesty this award goes out to everyone who works hard to answer questions on the site. Without all of you this site wouldn’t be where it is today and I really mean that. I’m humbled by this award and it has encouraged me to go for even bigger goals in this coming year (both on the site and in real life). I’d also like to say that my answer is one of many quality answers which are submitted on the site everyday. I constantly find myself on the homepage looking at the recently answered page and seeing all the amazing contributions by all of you. It just reminds me that we are a special type of community on here which help each other out in a variety of ways. I believe that this is one of the main reasons to why I keep coming back to this site. Now I don’t want to keep you for too long so I’ll quickly explain why I decided to answer the question.

If you didn’t already know, I’m 17. When I was younger I used to spend a lot of money on pointless things which I would eventually not care about or lose. All this money added up and over time I realised how much I was wasting and what that money could of gone towards. If I had some guidance earlier on I could of saved myself a lot more money. This is the main reason which motivated me to answer this question. I hope you all find it somewhat useful, I even find myself looking over it if I’m ever deliberating over buying something.

I urge you all to read my answer (if you haven’t already) and let me know what you think about it.

When I was younger I was told a quote: “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. It’s true, if you save a decent amount of the money you receive from your job you can put that towards greater things. One thing I have definitely set my sights on for when I’m an adult is purchasing my own house/flat as I know how important owning property is in the UK.

I wish you all the best for 2014 and I hope you enjoyed reading my answer.

Have a great day and thank you once again!


Honorable Mention:
Do people on welfare ever stop needing it?


Lifetime Achievement Award


Acceptance Speech:
If I may, I would like to nominate this Answers Lifetime Achievement Award to my beloved husband who passed away last year. We knew each other since we young, almost forty years, Later we were married for many, many years. I am devastated by his loss. I miss him so, so much. Each day is still unbearable. So my Answers Lifetime Achievement Award is for you my beloved D and the love and life you shared with me. I love you.


Honorable Mention:


Most Answers

Acceptance Speech:  
I am honored to receive this award.  I consider myself part of a great team and I am happy and proud to be able to contribute to the mission of Answers!


Honorable Mention:



Most Contributions


Acceptance Speech:
With so many dedicated contributors, I’m truly surprised to receive this award.  Thank you.  I suppose WA is a little like that potato chip: Few people can do just one Q or only a couple.  Once you get started with Questions, Answers, Editing/Spelling Fixes, or Categorizing, you just can’t stop!  Unlike potato chips, though, WikiAnswers doesn’t add useless calories.  Instead it revs up the brain’s metabolism, infuses energy, and makes ‘exercising’ the brain fun!!


Honorable Mention:


Premier Answerer of the Year

Winner: David Gambell

Acceptance Speech:
On behalf of David Gambell, we accept this award and thank you for your votes.


Honorable Mention:


Most Trust Points Earned


Acceptance Speech:
Wow, that came out of the blue.

I do enjoy it here. I like the concept of being represented by thought and text only, almost entirely untainted by any other feature.

I like the sharing of knowledge, as knowledge – as love – is one of the few things you can both share and keep at the same time.

While I’ll readily admit that I write for my own immediate enjoyment, it does bring a warm fuzzy feeling to know that my efforts are appreciated. It’s the icing on the cake. And it’s quite a cake. And a delicious, inch-thick icing.

So, thanks to those providing this site. It’s the best pastime I’ve come across since I learned to read.

Thanks to other Supers who nudge me in the right direction when the urge to merge dissimilar questions leading to the same answer gets too strong.

Or any other issue when eagerness gets the better of me.

Thanks to all the posters who provide me with so much excellent fodder for memory exercises.

I’ll do my best to continue in the same manner.



Honorable Mention:


Most Vandals Blocked

Winner:  C.Hainsaw

Acceptance Speech:
Thank you. I mean that for everyone who votes, everyone who views, and everyone who contributes to WikiAnswers. I have enjoyed this little corner of the Internet for the past few years, and I’ve met a lot of great people. Those are who should be honored; they are the ones who inspire me, on those rare occasional moments when I demonstrate any form of brightness through my contributions. All of you, keep making WikiAnswers the community it is.


Honorable Mention:


Most Category Changes


Acceptance Speech:
This award needs to be shared with all the people who gave me tips about how the site works.  It took me a while to figure out the best ways to use WikiAnswer’s Search tool, but when I did, I could plunge into the Uncategorized Qs without getting too lost. Thank you to my peers and my old mentor for all you taught me.  Thank you also to all the Category Supervisors who welcomed getting Qs into the right categories despite already being overloaded with unanswered questions; many of you helped me know differences and subtle nuances in the broad topics and categories WikiAnswers hosts and I very much appreciated your help.


Honorable Mention:


Most Questions Improved


Acceptance Speech:
On behalf of SiriWarbreaker, we accept this award and thank you for your votes.

Honorable Mention:


Most Reverts


Acceptance Speech:
Wow I am shocked that I made the most reverts this year and am very honored to receive this award. I want to say thank you to everyone that donates their time to contribute to this amazing website and community. Thank you to all the members of the Vandal Patrol and any user that takes the time to remove vandalism and improve the quality on this site. The Supervisors here are truly amazing and I really enjoy contributing and helping out where I can. I look forward to continuing to help out and watching WikiAnswers grow and continue to be the best Q & A website!


Honorable Mention:


Most Contributions by New Supervisor


Acceptance Speech:  
Wow, this was very unexpected, and very much appreciated. I want to thank everyone who voted for me! I have certainly enjoyed being a part of the community, and will continue to contribute in whatever way I can to make the site as best as it can be.

Thank you again!


Honorable Mention:


Most Trust Points by New Supervisor


Acceptance Speech:
Wow, this was very unexpected, and very much appreciated. I want to thank everyone who voted for me! I have certainly enjoyed being a part of the community, and will continue to contribute in whatever way I can to make the site as best as it can be.

Thank you again!


Honorable Mention:


Best Profile


Acceptance Speech:  
Thank you very much for your votes, as you may know my profile is dedicated to Inca a beautiful blue Burmese, next time he visits my dreams I’ll be sure to tell him he won a WAmmy :)


Honorable Mention:


Best Advice Answer

What makes an effective father, and why?

Acceptance Speech:
Wow! First- a big, huge “Thank you” to each person who voted for this answer.

I participate on WikiAnswers because I believe that a useful and actionable answer is the only answer worth giving. We see around us a cultural crisis of too much data and choices, not enough insight and discernment. It is my great hope that each of you will forward this question and answer to everyone you know. If we want a stronger, healthier and happier world, we have to start with the kids. Thank you once again. Hooray!


Honorable Mention:
What is best to say in a job interview concerning your termination from your last job?


Best How-To Answer

How do you build trust with an infant?

Acceptance Speech:
This award means a lot to me, and I want to thank all who voted for this answer.  Since both the long and short-term well being of infants depends on the care they receive from their parents and caregivers, it was important to me to provide the best, most comprehensive answer possible.

Again, thank you to all who voted for this answer.  It is truly an honor to accept this award.


Honorable Mention:
What are the basic rules in playing chess?


Best Researched Answer

What was unusual about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Acceptance Speech:
Thank you to all who voted for this contribution to win the Best Researched Answer 2013 WAmmy.

I am pleasantly surprised to win this WAmmy because there were some really good nominations this year. I am glad that others have found the answer interesting and/or informative, I personally enjoyed the research that was required to provide that answer.

Research is the recipe for a good answer, which means checking multiple sources and cross-referencing different findings and evidences. The problem with information online these days is that so much of it is exaggerated or false, the ease of access to this information means that many unfortunate people end up believing in the exaggerated content. With this particular question, it took a bit of time to research properly via multiple sources because this historical event is surrounded by many conspiracy theories. I had to sift through the information to separate the true facts from the unproven (and some downright idiotic) conspiracy theories to provide a balanced and neutral historical answer, rather than a conspiracy rant. Again, thank you for voting for me, I am happy that many have enjoyed this researched answer and I hope the majority of you will continue to research thoroughly to provide fantastic, interesting and, most importantly, accurate answers.


Honorable Mention:
Is a gluten free diet good for everyone?


Best Answer in a Team Effort

Lifesnadir and Darksyde
What are some good science projects for school?

Acceptance Speeches:
Lifesnadir: I love the aspect of ‘teamwork’ at WikiAnswers, like with Darksyde on this answer.  From working with a Mentor, to seeking or giving help with other supervisors, and working within the community, ‘team support’ and ‘team work’ invigorates the site.  Thank you to the countless people who helped me with learning and doing tasks on WikiAnswers.  Congrats, Darksyde!

Darksyde: I’d like to thank all the little people who made this award possible. No, seriously, I’d like to thank the little orange Wiki-Guys who really run things when none of us are looking.
I love researching answers, so I’m quite happy one of the ones I put a lot of work into has won an award. It’s a nice feeling being able to help someone with their questions. Being a WikiAnswers supervisor is a great job and I love doing it.


Honorable Mention:  
Liasdaughter and D4est
How do you overcome frustration caused by the wife?


Funniest Answer

How do you keep strangers out?

Acceptance Speech:  
Thank you. I mean that for everyone who votes, everyone who views, and everyone who contributes to WikiAnswers. I have enjoyed this little corner of the Internet for the past few years, and I’ve met a lot of great people. Those are who should be honored; they are the ones who inspire me, on those rare occasional moments when I demonstrate any form of brightness through my contributions. All of you, keep making WikiAnswers the community it is.


Honorable Mention:
Where can you buy a 500 lb bomb?


Funniest Question

What are the dangers of being active on WikiAnswers while intoxicated?

Acceptance Speech:
Thank you everyone who voted me for a WAmmy. It is quite an honor. I’ve had a good time since joining WikiAnswers, and enjoy the opportunity of helping as a supervisor. There are many wonderful contributors, supervisors, and staff here. I look forward to more years of service to the WikiAnswers community and wish everyone the best throughout this year.


Honorable Mention:
What subject should you study to take a blood test?


Top Category Answerers

Animal Life
Winner: On the Wallaby
Honorable Mention: Wildrosebeef

Business & Finance
Winner: Wildrosebeef
Honorable Mention: Fixit895

Cars & Vehicles
Winner: Rdrsh
Honorable Mention: Helpfull

Entertainment & Arts
Winner: WNY007
Honorable Mention: Ericbarnes

Food & Cooking
Winner: Fixit895
Honorable Mention: Salette Ann Andrews

Winner: Eclair39
Honorable Mention: Peakaytea

History, Politics & Society
Winner: William Howe
Honorable Mention:  Manlio Fahrni

Hobbies & Collectibles
Winner: Ndbbm
Honorable Mention: C3shooter

Home & Garden
Winner: Fixit895
Honorable Mention: Woodman66

Humor & Amusement Corner
Winner: Lakeshia Plum
Honorable Mention:  Quietman

Jobs & Education
Winner:  4Jays
Honorable Mention: Mehtamatics

Law & Legal Issues
Winner:  Aggie80
Honorable Mention:  Eclair39

Literature & Language
Winner:  Dfoofnik
Honorable Mention: Notyouraveragedummy

Winner:  Eclair39
Honorable Mention: Aggie80

Religion & Spirituality
Winner:  William Howe
Honorable Mention: Galileedawn

Winner:  4Jays
Honorable Mention: Mehtamatics

Winner:  WNY007
Honorable Mention: Dfoofnik

Winner:  Bringingthewood
Honorable Mention: Ndbbm

Winner:  Dfoofnik
Honorable Mention: Flukey

Travel & Places
Winner:  Dfoofnik
Honorable Mention: Notyouraveragedummy

Let’s get to know more about CrazzyAmmy

We love getting to know our Answers contributors better and had a nice interview with another awesome member recently.  Meet Aman, known on the site to many as Crazzyammy.

Q:  What is the story behind your username?

A: A friend of mine had her Twitter username as CoolCrazyRock! I stole the middle one with a ZZ!

Q:  Tell us a little about your education.

A: I’ve done my schooling from Mamta Modern School. Currently attending college at Northern India Engineering College in Computer Science Engineering.

Q:  Where are you from, where did you grow up?


Certificate of Merit

A: Born and brought up in India. Was born in a small town but right now staying in the capital, New Delhi.

Q:  What life accomplishments are you proud of?

A: Winning the first prize in Indian Government Organized Montreal Protocol and getting a certificate of merit from Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Environment Minister, India. This was the achievement that led to my increased interests in the ozone layer.

Q:  Do you have a special motto, belief in life or quote; something you always keep in mind or live by?

A: After delivering my report for my Summer Internship in Hughes Systique Corporation and after saying the words, “It was a difficult task”, the manager of the team stood up and said something I would never forget.  “If others can do it, why not you!”

Q:  What are you most passionate about in your life?

A: Life is all about learning. The day you stop learning, is the day you stop living. This passion for learning has kept me alive.


With friends in Manali

Q:  Do you have any traveling experiences you’d like to share, places you’ve visited, or favorite places?

A: I personally love traveling. I, along my DSLR, would love to go on a world tour. This is a recent picture from my latest trip to Manali, a hill station in India.

Q:  Are there any other places you’d like to visit?

A: There are two actually.

1.        Venice. A photographer’s paradise
2.        NASA Headquarters, Washington D.C.

Q:  What are your special interests, hobbies, or collections?

A: Photography. However, it would more likely be a passion than a hobby. I have the drug in my veins to carry the special moments in life on my shutter. Studying about Ozone has been another one. It gives me the feeling of being connected with nature.

Q:  What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

River Rapelling

River Rapelling

A: River Rappelling. The fact that I am scared of heights made it more daring.

Q:  How long have you been a member of Answers, and what do you like about out community?

A: I’ve been a member since 23rd November 2010. Completed my 4 year WikiVersery recently.  The fact that each member of the community encourages the others to perform well and contribute to the society is what makes it unique. Answers for its members it’s not just about the contributions, it’s something more.

Q:  Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Why?
A: Half Empty. Take it and fill it up to the rim. A half filled glass might leave you thirsty.

The December Rumble AnswerThon coming up!!



Answers presents the first ever AnswerThon for Experts Only!  Sign up today!

December 18th-21st

What is the Expert AnswerThon?
The December Rumble Expert AnswerThon is a 4-day contest for EXPERTS ONLY!

This Expert AnswerThon rewards Expert users who answer the most questions in a 4-day period. During the AnswerThon, Experts answer as many questions as they can, simultaneously spreading knowledge and winning prizes!

Only answers that are posted by approved Experts in the Expert box within this timeframe and in accordance with the contest rules will be counted as part of the contest. Be sure to read the rules before you begin. And of course, bots are not eligible.

Who can participate?
All users who are registered as Experts! Expert users must officially register for the AnswerThon contest.

What is an Expert?
An Expert is a user who:
Has uploaded an approved profile photo
Has an approved tagline
Has a real name
Has declared himself/herself an Expert at least one (1) category
Has included an Expert statement in above stated category(ies)

How do I become an Expert so that I can participate?
It’s easier than you think! To become an Expert, simply take the following steps:
1. Sign in, and go to your profile page.
2. Under the Settings tab:
a. Upload a photo of yourself.
b. Write your first and last name in the “Name” field.
c. Write a tagline – Include your experience, education, and interests!
d. Save changes!
3. Under the Following tab:
a. Click “Edit”, and choose category(ies) in which you’re an Expert.
b. Click “Next”, and choose click “Expert” for those category(ies) in which you’re an Expert.
c. Write a short statement about why you’re an Expert in that category (years experience? certification? etc.)

What Are The Prizes?
Over $3000 in prizes will be awarded to AnswerThon winners, including 5 lucky RANDOM participants!

Three GRAND PRIZE winners
The top 3 Expert users will win an Apple iPad Air!

Three 1st place winners
The top 3 Expert users who give 1000+ answers will win a $200 Amazon eGift card

Ten 2nd place winners
The top 10 Expert users who give 500+ answers will win a $100 Amazon eGift card

Ten 3rd place winners
The top 10 Expert users who give 100+ answers will win a $25 Amazon eGift card

100+ winners
EVERY Expert user who gives 100+ answers will win an exclusive Answers Expert t-shirt!

Five random registrants
5 random registrants who give 10+ answers will win a $25 Amazon eGift card

All winners receive profile “AnswerThon Winner” badges!

Sign up today!

November Rumble 2014 AnswerThon Winners Announced


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Please join me in congratulating the winners of our November Rumble 2014 AnswerThon!


1st place: $200 Amazon card

Aggie80 (1835 answers)
CrazzyAmmy (1646 answers)
WNY007 (1543 answers)

2nd place: $100 Amazon card
JayJayVay (1396 answers)
Skullcandy88 (1281 answers)
Prachi.tejan.1.0794 (1096 answers)
Kanika.khattar.52.3831 (1021 answers)
Ginezumi (994 answers)
Dynotech (741 answers)
Lifesnadir (725 answers)
Dr.Q (708 answers)
Jabirshah (678 answers)
Peakaytea (672 answers)

3rd place: $25 Amazon card
Stan.mathers.338 (662 answers)
Mg42 killer (658 answers)
GeekDushyant (620 answers)
Lugia2453 (534 answers)
Darkwater (476 answers)
Harsh.Lahiri.gp2625 (434 answers)
Starrskitchen (407 answers)
Snart Gurk (403 answers)
William Howe (325 answers)
Fivejeagle (313 answers)

Runner-ups: Answers Merchandise
Dfoofnik (287 answers)
Aayushsrivastava14 (232 answers)
Anjana Narayanan (194 answers)
Jmowreader (190 answers)
Mehtamatics (165 answers)
Flukey (164 answers)
LindyStar (161 answers)
MountEverest53 (154 answers)
Mary.Drager.fb9512 (146 answers)
LauraLF1 (138 answers)

RANDOM WINNERS won $25 Amazon gift cards just by answering at least 10 questions! 
Phrogster (17 answers)
CFirg (64 answers)
ChuckSiata (61 answers)
Rdrsh (62 answers)
Sgongola (19 answers)