WIT – where the teens hang out on Answers.com

Teens2You’ve probably seen the acronym and badges all around the site, but let me introduce you fully to the Answers.com WIT program.

WIT stands for The WikiAnswers Influential Teens. This program provides a safe place for teens to hang out online, ask and answer questions, and even gain the skills to assist the Answers’ Q&A community through special projects!  WIT is a great opportunity for teens to learn cooperation, understanding, and leadership skills.  It’s a fun program, a unique experience, and a terrific resume/college application builder!

WIT is divided into 4 divisions, allowing members to choose which tasks they enjoy most:

Keep an eye out for WIT Explorers! This division is for those members who would like to participate in all facets of the site rather than focus on one particular aspect. To name a few, missions may include answering questions, recategorizing, featuring, and working on flagged questions.

Our fearless WIT Warriors focus on new categories and unsupervised categories. Tasks include seeding new questions, recategorizing questions, cleaning up unsupervised categories, and jumping in to assist with categories that need extra help.

Watch out for those WIT Trailblazers! The Trailblazers focus specifically on answering questions. Their focus could be on newer categories, current event categories, specific categories of interest and featured categories.

Teens1  Meep! Beep! Here come the WIT Roadrunners! They tackle special projects assigned to their division, clean up alternates and merges of  various questions, help Supervisors clean up problem areas in their categories as necessary, remove personal information from answers,  and  various category clean-up.

And these awesome teens have been busy this year! So far in 2014, they have answered 460 questions, done 5,330 recategorizations, 1,410  edits, and edited and unflagged 250 flagged questions.  Membership has grown 20%, with 178 awesome teens in the program, and the  number of missions completed is up 100% since August 2013.

The WIT program coordinator is Melissa aka Melbrown2013.  WIT is currently open to teens between the ages of 13 and 18, have a few  quality contributions on Answers.com, are in good standing on the site, and complete the WIT Membership Application.  The number of  contributions isn’t as important as the quality, and desire to be involved in WIT!


If you’re a teen and would like to become a part of this amazing program, contact Melissa at: melbrown2013 at wikianswers.com. Replace “at” with “@” and omit the spaces.

Announcing our 2014 Summer Sizzler AnswerThon Winners!!

We’re excited to announce the winners of our 2014 Summer Sizzler AnswerThon!

Please join us in congratulating these winners who worked hard at answering as many questions as they could from July 17 to July 20. They were amazing!



FIRST PLACE: $200 Amazon card:

WNY007 (1822 answers)
CrazzyAmmy (1703 answers)
Jabirshah (1446 answers)

SECOND PLACE: $100 Amazon card

Skullcandy88 (1054 answers)
JayJayVay (1023 answers)
Dfoofnik (817 answers)
Peakaytea (712 answers)
Lifesnadir (582 answers)
GeekDushyant (548 answers)
Prachi.tejan.1.0794 (527 answers)
Darkwater (519 answers)
Nemeth.yella (500 answers)

THIRD PLACE: $25 Amazon card

MattApril (450 answers)
Desdichado (439 answers)
Ginezumi (384 answers)
Lugia2453 (305 answers)
LincMad (281 answers)
Lakeshia Plum (275 answers)
Mr.Quizzical (265 answers)
Mg42 killer (261 answers)
PinkiePieJr (248 answers)
Elosery (225 answers)
Flukey (216 answers)

RUNNER-UPS:  Answers Merchandise

Anuradha.dubey.gp6143 (202 answers)
Starrskitchen (185 answers)
DrAshok Deshmukh (183 answers)
Dynotech (181 answers)
Lysdexia (169 answers)
Pyrrha (168 answers)
Dlhalper (149 answers)
Prioktan918 (145 answers)
Snart Gurk (145 answers)
ThatwouldBme (125 answers)


Amazon gift cards just by answering at least 10 questions! $25 Amazon card

Tschear (124 answers)
Najn (90 answers)
Galileedawn (35 answers)
LWOPP (24 answers)
Musdan77 (10 answers)

The much anticipated AnswerThon is hosted by Answers four times each year. Registrants for the event compete during a specified time period to answer as many unanswered questions as they can. It’s easy to win! In fact, if you answer just 10 questions, you’re automatically entered in a drawing to win an Amazon gift card.

How many questions can YOU answer?


Keep an eye on The World of Answers so you won’t miss the next AnswerThon!

How about those WikiReviewers?

Close up of vintage typewriter machineWhen our WikiReviewers tackle a task, they do it with gusto! It’s amazing to see members of this program band together on missions and work hard to meet and even by-pass monthly program goals!

We’re saving the bulk of our brags for our end-of-the-year sound off, but we just can’t keep quiet about one of the  WikiReviewers‘ accomplishments this year. And boy are we proud of this one!  In April, WikiReviewers dove into the Uncategorized category with a goal of recategorizing 5,000 questions. We thought that would be a pretty tough task. Well, you’ll be amazed to know by the end of the month, we had recategorized an astronomical 425,988 questions!!  Turns out we set our sights a little low on that one, and as more WikiReviewers pitched in, we exceeded our goal far beyond what we expected!

In the past year, WikiReviewers have completed a walloping 14,978 missions, making hundreds of thousands of needed edits on the site!  We’ve also gained over 30 new members since the first of the year!

There are five divisions in the WikiReviewers Program, each with their own specific types of assignments.  Robin, the program coordinator, places newcomers to the program in the most suitable category for them, based on a review of their contributions to the site.

If you happen to meet up with a WikiReviewer on the site, give them a pat on the back.  They certainly deserve it!


It’s exciting to be part of the WikiReviewers Program!  If you would like to join us, message Robin, the program coordinator and let her know.

Vigorous Chemist


Vigorouschemist Is a WikiAnswers Supervisor, Mentor, Editor at Large, Wikiguide, SPA Alimnist and Vandal Patrol Generalist, his principal leisure time activities are related to classical music. He devotes at least one hour every day to play the piano (excluding exercises). Sometimes when his mind is stuck for any reason, he might scribble down a small melody or improvise something which would never be heard again even to him.

What is your first name?

My first name is Chrishan.

What is your occupation?

I’m currently an undergraduate in the Physical Sciences stream at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

What is your Answers.com username and how did it come about?

My username at Answers.com is Vigorouschemist. When I was in high school in the Advanced Level of Mathematics, I became famous for solving exam questions in chemistry in a relatively very short time. My friends gave me this nickname after I got only one incorrect response in a span of 30 minutes on a two hour exam.

What enticed you to join our community?

When I and my classmates were doing academic work, we used the Internet for immediate reference.  On many occasions –  actually almost all occasions –  we landed on the Answers.com page.  I decided that one day I would  contribute to Answers.com! I signed up on 29th April 29th in 2012, although prior to that time I contributed as an anonymous user. The credits of enticement should go to my friends and search engines.

What is your favorite thing to do on Answers.com?

As a regular contributor, my favorite task is to give first answers in full sentences.  I submitted 100 such answers even before completing my first 150 contributions. By now, as a supervisor, batch re-categorizing and editing alternates are among my favorite activities.  Meanwhile, my least interesting task is to warn and block users.

If you were inviting someone to join Answers.com, what reason(s) would you give them to become a part of our community?

I will never forget to invite my friends to contribute to Answers.com.  It allows them to help other persons in various ways and they gain extra knowledge about the fields they are interested in. I would recommend Answers.com as one of the best websites with a friendly community of CAs, Supervisors, Special Project Assistants and other contributors.

What life accomplishments are you proud of?

One of the accomplishments that I am most proud of is being eligible to do undergraduate studies in my favorite subject stream.

What accomplishments on Answers.com are you proud of?

I’m proud of being a Double Platinum Contributor, Special Project Assistant Active Alumni, and a Category Supervisor. I am also a Mentoring Program graduate, another tremendous achievement! What is your favorite type of music?  What is your favorite band or artist?

I like classical music, especially piano sonatas and symphonies. Among my favorite composers are Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Robert Schumann and many others.

Who is your favorite poet?  What is your favorite poem and why?

My favorite poet is Wendy Whatmore. My favorite poem is “Island Spell” by the same author and it is written about my home country. The poetic devices and techniques used there are awesome!

Do you view the glass ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’?  Why?

Actually I believe it depends on the context. As an example, when results are given on an exam, I’d like to see the glass as ‘half filled’. But when I’m practicing something, such as a performance for a recital, I usually like to see the ‘half empty’ glass, because it can be further filled by continuous effort!

What is your favorite quote and why?

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein I believe that there may be many mistakes happened by me (although I try to refrain), so I am practicing to be patient in all circumstances I face when dealing with other persons.

Who or what is your inspiration in life?

My parents, all of my teachers and my sister are among the persons behind me in my activities.

Where is one place in the world you would love to visit and why?

I would like to visit the Amazon Rain Forest. The beauty of nature, colorful surroundings rich with natural and clean air and its solemnity would make me happy and light hearted!

What are your special interests, hobbies, or collections?

There are many activities that I enjoy in my leisure times. Most of the time I am play the piano, and among my other hobbies are philately, listening to music, photography, playing chess and contributing to Answers.com (obviously!).

Meet HisPowr4U

Hispowr4U started out on Answers.com in 2007 and already had a WAmmy Lifetime Achievement Award by 2009.  She is an honored member of the Millionaire’s Club many times over with more than 3 million contributions. She has 6,744 Trust Points, another indication of how highly valued she is on the site. Her favorite categories include: Word and Phrase Origins, Definitions and Word Differences, and Synonyms and Antonyms. She is also very active in the Music category.  Check out B.J.s profile page to see beautiful portraits of Smokey, her kitty and many more accomplishments. She is an impressive and respected member of our community!

What is your first name? My real first name is Betty, but I go by BJ.

What is your occupation? I’m unemployed and disabled.

What is your Answers.com username and how did it come about?

It is HisPowr4U (notice there’s no E in it!). I actually prayed that God would help me to think of a name that would point others to Him, and that’s what I believe He gave me.

Where in the world do you hail from and what makes this place special?

I grew up in Missouri, but since 1984 I have lived in Western North Carolina. I love the mountains here, and the flowers in the spring.

How did you discover Answers.com?

 I was asking a question on Google.com – I have no idea now what the question was – and one of the first “answers” was a link to WikiAnswers. I was lovestruck.

What enticed you to join our community?

Soon after I started contributing to the site, I was invited to become a Supervisor. I had so much fun on the site, I jumped right in.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Smokey: Powr4U's kitty!

Smokey: Powr4U’s kitty!

 I would be a kitten, because they are so precious and cuddly.

What is your favorite thing to do on Answers.com?

 I love to re-categorize questions.

If you were inviting someone to join Answers.com, what reason would you give that person to become a part of our community?

 It’s FUN! There are so many things available on the site now to do, and there are so many more groups than when I first found the site. If a person has special knowledge about any subject, he or she will be able to find a niche here.

What life accomplishments are you proud of?

 I used to do short-term mission trips to Juarez, Mexico once a year with a friend of mine who had a youth group. I translated for the group sometimes because I was the only one who spoke Spanish. We did preaching, singing, and a lot of skits. I even taught the youth group how to sing “Jesus Loves Me” and “This Little Light of Mine” in Spanish.

I am proud of learning Spanish, although I’m not totally fluent.  It comes in handy. Now I’m writing Bible questions in Spanish for the director of an orphanage in Guatemala. They do what they call “Bible Quizzing” in which the kids use questions (Such as who, what, when, where, why, how?)  to memorize Bible verses.

Check out some of HisPowr4U’s contributions on the site!

Meet Ironnica: Eclectic, Intelligent and Irish

Friend with Ironnica on Graduation Day

Friend with Ironnica on Graduation Day

Ironnica is one of our top Supervisors in the areas of Chemistry and Math. He has a special talent for chemistry in particular and is currently doing a PhD in the subject, and he is just 25 years old! To pay his way through school, he bartends and he also works with undergraduate students at University. On our site, he is an AnswerThon winner in Second Place, and a member of the Mentoring Program and Vandal Patrol. He is also a Category Supervisor in Math and Arithmetic and Chemistry and related areas. At over 26, 000 contributions, he is already a Gold Contributor. It is an honor to have Ironnica helping out on our site! Read more and get to know this young Irishman.

What is your first name?

My first name is Liam.

What is your occupation?

I am a PhD student in Dublin City University. My area of study is solar fuels generation in the Department of Chemistry.

What enticed you to join our community?

I asked a question about a guitar that I wanted to buy, the Jackson WRMG. It has a very unusual shape and I wanted to know if it would fit into a normal sized soft guitar bag. Somebody actually checked their guitar and let me know that it did. From there, I answered a few questions while in  my first year of college and later I was asked to join the Premier Answerers Facebook page. That was a very nice touch. Following that, the community of people on the site made it somewhere that I wanted to stay. There are a lot of lovely people here.

What is your favorite thing to do on Answers.com?

I like answering questions. I’ve recently been working through a few key words, mainly on unit conversions, as a means to clean the backlog up. I could try to guess alternative wording for answers in the hope of slotting an answer in, but for the majority of these questions, they require a one sentence answer, and it is far more efficient to just answer them. When I started,  I used to look up the answers to questions I had a vague idea about, and I learned a lot of random things myself through that method. I used reliable sources so I do not fear that the info was incorrect!

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

The move from an institute of technology (IT Carlow) to university was daring. I didn’t come from a house with vast amounts of money, but I knew from my time in Carlow that chemistry was my calling and that I would have been at a disadvantage if I didn’t take the plunge.

What is your favorite type of music? What is your favorite band or artist?

Andy McKee

Andy McKee

I used to be into heavy metal and some power metal, hard rock, punk and a random mix aside from that. I have gone now drifted towards pop punk and listen to Less than Jake, The Offspring, Blink 182, Bad Religion, Lars Frederiksen, Bouncing Souls, Fight Like Apes and Dead Cat Bounce. Two legends of music that I’ll always hold very dear are Andy McKee (double hand tapping acoustic) and Ludovico Einaudi (Italian composer and pianist). I’ve been very lucky to see both and they gave incredible shows.

What makes you unique?

I am a very honest person, and if I’m not being honest, I have good reason not to be. I am not religious, but I do live by a loose idea of karma. I have been very lucky in life to get where I am, which encourages me to continue this way and to keep in mind who may be affected by my actions or lack of them.

What are you most passionate about in your life?

I am most passionate about chemistry, and as of late, inspiring younger minds by explaining things in ways that I wish had been told to me. I have always been passionate about my three nephews and my niece and I hope to be there for them whenever they need me in the future.

Who or what is your inspiration in life?

I don’t need to look far in my life for inspiration thankfully. My girlfriend, Andrea is a rock, and a very intelligent, capable and highly motivated individual, and to put up with me is something to be admired on its own.

My dad and sister have always offered me help. My dad has provided me with any tools that I have needed in life, and has done his level best for me. I have quite a few aunts and uncles who are there to give support whenever needed, in particular, my uncle Eamonn who is a Catholic priest. He (and others) has looked out for me and we get on remarkably well, considering I am an atheist. He respects that, and it goes unmentioned.

Do you view the glass ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’? Why?

I am a half empty type of person, a bad habit. Doing research is an absolute roller-coaster that has you picking yourself up a few times a week. That’s where the forced optimism comes in, and the “ah sure, it’ll be grand” line.

What life accomplishments are you proud of?

I won the 2009 Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition in Ireland. I was selected as one of five IT students to represent Ireland at the 2008 London International Youth Science Forum. I got a side qualification in quality assurance while attending Carlow IT. I finished top of class in my undergraduate degree. Also, I never dreamed that I could have the opportunity to do a PhD, and for getting here (a long road to go yet) I am proud no matter what lies ahead in the future.

Anything else?

Not so much a question, but I have to thank the Answers team for the opportunity to enter the recent AnswersThon and for being the lovely people that they are. They have provided a platform of free education.  I am also thankful to Sal Khan of Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and the infinite amount of freely available educational resources on the Internet. We really live in a knowledge-rich environment with all these media available at our fingertips. With proper dedication, anyone can succeed, with the right tools already in place.

Check out some of Ironnica’s questions on Answers.com:

How do you find the answer to A girl counted 28 geese and horses on the farm all together and if there were 78 legs how many were geese?

What two factors most influence the chance a collision will occur between atoms of chemical reactions?

What are 5 ways to know that a chemical reaction has taken place?

How much water will a 25 millimeter by 100 millimeter pipe hold?



Meet Galileedawn: Honored Rabbi, Valued Contributor

GalileeDawnGalileedawn is our resident expert on all things related to Judaism. As a writer, educator and researcher, he is an expert who shares his vast knowledge on the site. He is also an active member of our Answers.com community as Category Supervisor, WikiReviewer Editor, Noble WikiGuide, Vandal Patrol Generalist and he has Gold Contributor status. Currently residing in Israel, Galileedawn was born in the United States. Read more and get to know Galileedawn.

What is your occupation?

I am a Rabbi, engaged in the study and teaching of  the Talmud, Tanakh, halakha (Jewish law) and other areas of Judaism. I also am a writer and proofreader.

What is your Answers.com username and how did it come about?



My handle is Galileedawn, since I live in the Galilee region of Israel. “Dawn” is a symbol of hope and beginnings.

Where in the world do you hail from and what makes this place special?

I have dual citizenship, but I was “made in the U.S.A.”

What enticed you to join our community?

I noticed that many questions in the Judaism categories are either unanswered or have answers that are incomplete or inaccurate. I feel it is important that Judaism should be written about in a way that gives voice to our Torah heritage, replete with sources from Talmud, Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and halakha (Torah-law), wherever applicable. I also feel that those who are posting questions are interested in seeing a traditional Jewish viewpoint in the answer, not a watered-down version.

What life accomplishments are you proud of?

I am proud of learning the Tanakh and several Talmud tractates (volumes) with their commentaries.

What accomplishments on Answers.com are you proud of?

I am proud of answering thousands of questions in the Judaism categories with what I hope are informative answers.

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Once I  jumped out of a second-story window.

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

My only wish is for closeness to God.

Do you view the glass ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’?  

Half full: Judaism is well-known for its optimism.

What are your special interests, hobbies, or collections?

I have a collection of several hundred books in Hebrew and English on Jewish topics. My hobby is Wikianswers.

What is your favorite quote and why?

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” That one brief quote answers reams of questions. It gives purpose to existence.



Who or what is your inspiration in life?

My inspiration is Rashi, a Talmud commentator who lived from 1040 to 1105.

Do you have any special talents?

I can write grammatically. That’s getting less common these days.

What is one quirky or interesting random fact about you that most people may not know?

I can do quick math computations in my head.

Check out some of Galileedawn’s answers:

How does Judaism give life meaning and purpose?

What are the top ten facts about the Talmud?

What does the Jewish feast of Hanukkah celebrate?

Why is David important in the history of Judaism?