How do you pronounce homeopathy?

Lately, I’ve been finding myself interested in homeopathy. But, to be honest, I’m a little embarrassed by the fact that I have no clue how to pronounce it. Out loud.

Friend: “So where were you last night?”

Me: “I was in a class on homeo – alternative medicine.”

Friend: “What’s homeo-alternative medicine?”

Me: “Uh… It’s this new thing.”

So I put the question forth:

How do you pronounce homeopathy?

Here are some of the answers I’ve seen – or rather heard:




AnswerLinking while WordCamping.

A couple of us are here at WordCamp 2007 in Tel Aviv. WordCamp is a one-day conference covering topics like WordPress installation, blogging for business, and more.

The absolutely awesome thing about blog conferences is that everyone is so… happily and wonderfully and comfortably geeky. And us blogging reps from fit right in. We’re here to share AnswerLink love as well as learn a thing or two about WordPress (which is where this blog is headed).

Lorelle (of WordPress fame) spoke this morning about ‘the blog as conversation’. She also discussed in depth a lot of WordPress tips, tricks and features, including our very own AnswerLinks.

We chatted with her a bit one-on-one; she’s a fan of the AnswerLinks and we’re a fan of her. WordPress love all around.

Why didn’t Oliver Ellsworth sign the Constitution?

This blog is about answers, right? And sometimes you find answers at school, right? And sometimes at school you have to learn boring stuff, right? So here is this week’s question:

Why didn’t Oliver Ellsworth sign the Constitution?

A known prankster, Oliver actually planned on signing the constitution but during all the important meetings he kept pulling on Benjamin Franklin’s wig. When it came time to sign the Constitution, the rest of the guys played a cruel joke on him and told him the wrong date and time – he actually ended up crashing a bar mitzvah instead.

Consider yourself learned.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month on WikiAnswers

Check out the homepage of WikiAnswers and you’ll find the latest feature to the right. Topical questions and answers will be highlighted as they become relevant.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Q&A covering breast cancer is highlighted. It’s not the happiest topic, but getting informed is important, so here are some starters:

Interview with a Writing Challenge winner.

The winners of the latest Creative Writing Challenge have been announced and nailed to the Hall of Fame. Give some respect: these people took ten completely unrelated (and I daresay, bizarre) words and strung them together to create winning short stories.

At LarsenIdeaLog, an interview was conducted with the 1st place winner who is also Larsen‘s senior writer: John Andreini. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Your story had to include these 10 words: fifth-column, gazpacho, agog, horripilation, simian, fug, opus, salad days, abscond, Kew Gardens. I have to ask: Did you already know the meaning of all these words?

A: I knew the meaning of some of the words, but others, like Kew Gardens and horripilation, sent me to the dictionary.

Q: Talk to us about your main character Brock Holberman, private investigator, salted nut roll binger. Is he at all autobiographical?

A: Wow, I hope not. Brock is an amalgam of Film Noir detectives like Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe and Jake Gittes, although Brock would be the least intelligent of the group. I do like gazpacho, though.

(read the rest of the interview)

What is the best way to roast a tomato?

In case you are looking for something to do later in the week:

What is the best way to roast a tomato?

It’s complicated, but it’s incredibly satisfactory when you taste the finished product. First, book a hall. Hopefully you live somewhere where there’s a hall. In a pinch, a school or church might do.

Then, make invitations. In this day and age, anyone with a computer and a – what are those called – printer can make invitations in their very own homes.

Put together the list of folks who are coming to the roast. Otherwise, it’s just a raw tomato.

Finally, remember to tell the tomato to show up. You wouldn’t want the tomato to be missing from its own roasting, would you? Then it’s just not funny.

Where to download sonic heroes?

I’ve always wanted to be a renowned super hero. For now, I’m just an unrenowned one. Or something. Maybe if I got to chat with the big guys, I might learn how to publicize better. I guess this question is exactly what I’m wondering:

Where to download sonic heroes?

Man, if I could just download one of them and ask for their agent’s number… We live in the technology day and age, so I imagine it is possible. Any ideas?