Get WikiAnswers YOUR Way

Under My Pages on the left-hand menu, there is a poor, ole’ misunderstood link called My Settings. Hidden within here is your control panel. In this area, you can pick and choose how you use and view WikiAnswers. For example, you can let others know where you are from, change your password and select your e-mail preferences. The only thing you can’t do is order pizza!

control panel

There are also some advanced settings that you might want to check out. A handy one is the mark answer edits as minor by default. When this is selected, the simple spelling and grammar improvements that you make will not be included in the ‘First answer by, Last edit by’ contributions area. This allows credit to stay with the last contributor who added or improved an answer. You also have an option to ignore your own changes from appearing on your Watchlist, making it easier to see other people’s changes.

Get in the driver’s seat of your wikimobile! And get WikiAnswers YOUR way…

2 thoughts on “Get WikiAnswers YOUR Way

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