How old is your mamma?

On this final WikiAnswers Wednesday of this fine month of February, I’d like to help in the math/family relations  department. In case you were having trouble calculating, I’m supplying you with a legible answer to (what some might think is) the ultimate question:

How old is your mamma?

Here’s how to calculate how old yo mamma is:

1. Take the year you were born
2. Subtract from it the year yo mamma was born
3. Take that number and subtract it from the current year
4. Now subtract your age
5. Take that number and subtract it from the current year
6. You should now have yo mamma’s age.

Logical enough… Check the answer for an example. Then go try it out for yourself. I love how education works.

Learn more for a more festive Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras: a day that goes by many names, including Fat Tuesday and Shrive Tuesday. It’s the day before Ash Wednesday and it is related to Lent.

But what is Mardi Gras exactly? And how is it related to Carnival? So many questions about a celebration that many people probably don’t remember the next day…

Before you start your Mardi Gras celebrations, be sure you have all the details – review the Mardi Gras Q&A.

Getting active with Clarkcj.

Clarkcj sets a great example of an active teen on WikiAnswers. Since joining almost a year ago, he has managed to accomplish a lot of goals on the site, serving as (one of the newest and youngest!) Floating Supervisor, a WikiGuide, Vandal Patrol Generalist, WIT member and Bronze contributor. On top of that, he also volunteers as a Supervisor on the new WikiAnswers in Tagalog site.

Born in England, Clarkcj grew up in Virginia.  He’s got one pet; a cat named Zack. His favorite subjects in school are math and history, but he also has a special interest in learning other languages. He can speak some Hebrew, Greek, and Spanish; languages he learned from his sister and brother-in-law. He takes pride in becoming a Tenderfoot in Scouts and enjoys adding to his State Quarter Collection. Clarkcj describes himself as a helpful and kind person, and aspires to help make the earth a better place.

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

I heard about WikiAnswers when I was looking up some things that I wanted to learn about. And I came across the WikiAnswers site. I found the info that I wanted to know. But I loved the site so much I decided to join.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

I liked the site and I was also wanting to do anything to help improve the site (WikiAnswers) so I became a contributor, and then I wanted to work more ways on the site so after a while I became a WikiGuide and then a Supervisor because I spent a lot of my time trying to make WikiAnswers a better place to be.

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise is in Computers because I know some things about computers but I don’t consider to call myself an expert. But also another area is Questions about WikiAnswers website.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

All of them.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on WikiAnswers?

The one that recently won the WAmmy Awards:

If a dog rolled around on a carpet and gets staticky and a flea jumps on it will the flea get electrocuted?

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

I am a Supervisor on the Tagalog site and the English site of WikiAnswers.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

Dreamin’ with

Our minds work in mysterious ways. Dreams are the way that our subconscious speaks to us. Did you dream last night? What was it about? Instead of staying awake and pondering what all those symbols in your dreams mean, you can now check out the Dream Encyclopedia and Dream Symbols on to help you divine the meaning what’s going on.

Suppose that you dream about your dog lapping up honey while sitting on your necktie during a flight home… You can try and break it down like this:

  • dog = loyalty
  • honey = sweet taste of success
  • necktie = tying up loose ends
  • airplane = freedom
  • home = Independence and dependency needs

It may mean that your subconscious is telling you to finish what you are doing and rejoin your old friends. This will free you up to pursue what you really want to do and allow you to succeed…

Or maybe not. Try it out and see if your dreams make any sense to you!

Make way for Oscar!

The 81st Academy Awards are coming up this weekend, and WikiAnswers couldn’t be more prepared to share the details: when, who and which movies…

This year’s awards:

Here’s some more trivia:

Check out the full list of Oscars Q&A for more trivia, news and – later on – the winners.

Answers Corporation reports a successful year.

Some excellent news came out of Answers Corporation today:

Answers Corporation Reports Q4 and Full Year 2008 Financial Results
Q4 Record Revenue of $4.63 million and Adjusted EBITDA of $1.95 million

Answers Corporation… today reported unaudited results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2008.

“Answers is very pleased to report a milestone quarter and fiscal year,” stated Robert Rosenschein, Chairman and CEO. “Quarterly revenues rose 30% sequentially to $4.63 million, with Adjusted EBITDA reaching $1.95 million, and our cash balance increasing $2 million to $11.74 million.

WikiAnswers continues to be an amazing property. comScore ranked it the fastest growing domain for all of 2008, as measured by percent change in unique monthly visitors for the top 200 US Web domains. Answers’ financial progress is a testament to our focus on the product without losing control of expenses. We look forward to continued growth in 2009 – and to building our value proposition of providing our users useful, relevant, quick answers.”

For more, check out the full report or listen to the conference call.

What makes Q&A sites popular?

Search Engine News asked this question yesterday: What Makes Question and Answer Sites Popular?

As they went about answering their own question, seems like WikiAnswers was able to offer a little insight:

Why are question and answer sites so popular? Someone actually asked that question on WikiAnswers. The answer given suggested it was human nature. “Some people like to share with others what they know. Some people like to learn by reading the questions and answers.”

Here’s the original Q&A: Why do people like question-and-answer sites?

What can you add?

JoyceP on nicknames, vandals and the love of learning.

Joyce with her pugs

There’s a lot to say about JoyceP. We could start by mentioning she is a WAmmy winner twice over: She was awarded one of the two Answer of the Year titles for answering What precautions should be taken before a hurricane hits? and Best Advice Answer for her work on What steps can an abused woman take to protect herself and children?

When she’s not writing grade A answers, JoyceP is a Floating Supervisor, a Mentor, a WIT Adult Advisor and a Bronze contributor.

And when she’s not doing all that… well, you can just read on to find out:

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

I stumbled across WikiAnswers one day while trying to find an answer for my sister-in-law, who was working on a class project.   After seeing how quickly I got an answer to the question, I was amazed.  I could ask anything I wanted, and it was FREE!

The only other time I had ever used an online Q&A site, it cost me $40 to get info that I already had.  So then I posted a question on WikiAnswers for myself, the same one that I paid the money for on the other site, and got more FREE information.  After that I was hooked.

Explain your username.

JoycePWhen I was first registering with WikiAnswers and had to put in a username, I thought, “Hm, now is my chance to have the name I’ve always wanted, “Natalie”.  But then I thought that would just feel weird, going by a different name like that, and decided against it.  And I felt it would be dishonest, since that’s an actual name, and not the sort of name one uses for a username.  I knew people would be thinking my name was Natalie, and it would have been like lying.  Then I thought, “Well, I guess I could use one of the nicknames that some of my family and friends call me.”   So then I began mentally going down the list of those nicknames.

Ok, my husband calls me “Baby” – nope, that won’t do.  I knew strangers wouldn’t want to call me Baby, and I knew my husband wouldn’t like it, either, nor would I.  So I nixed that idea.  So, on down the list.

My two sisters each have nicknames they call me, but who else would want to call me “Sisser”, which is what my twin sister and I call each other.  Another idea nixed.  Ok, what about what my older sister calls me?  Hm, I don’t think I want any one calling me “Numb Skull”, including her.  So yet another idea nixed.   And come to think of it, I’m gonna  have a talk with her…..

Well, how about what my science teacher used to call me in school?  Nah, I don’t really want to be known as “Gator mouth”, and besides, I don’t really talk *that* much.

Ok, moving on down the list.  My daughter affectionately calls me “Miss Mommy”, but that’s a special nickname that I don’t want anyone else to call me.  And I was pretty confident no one would have wanted to call me that, anyway.  Oh, well, how about what I call her?  No, “Baby Girl” is not how I would want people to view me; first impressions are important, you know.  And I don’t think people would have taken me seriously if they had to call me “Baby Girl.”  Besides, that’s also a special nickname that is just for my daughter.

Running out of options here.  Well, there’s always what my ex-husband began calling me after our divorce.  Actually I think it would have been illegal for me to have used that as a username anyway.  So again, not an option.  But I’m sure there have been a few people here, especially the ones I’ve blocked, that would love to call me that, and probably have.

So, that left me with using my first name, and the first letter of my last name.  Real creative, huh?

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

I love helping others, and I love the challenge of answering questions.  If I don’t already know the answer, I have lots of reference books in which to try to find it.  And of course, there’s always that wonderful thing called the internet where I can find lots of information, too.  I also love learning, and I’ve learned a lot while sharing what I know with others.  So for me, it’s a win-win situation.

What are your areas of expertise?

Me, an expert on anything?  LOL (as my husband would say).  While I’m not an “expert” on anything, I do know a little about a lot of things.  I have a little more than the average amount of knowledge in baking (I have been a cake decorator for 30 years).  I also love working with marzipan and seeing the shapes take on a life of their own, in looking so realistic.  I bake homemade bread and pastries, many of which are from recipes and techniques I have developed myself over the years, with really great results.

Not that I’m an expert on it in any way, but family and friends, and even my children’s friends,  have always come to me for advice; they know I look at both sides of the equation, and look at the situation as fairly as possible.  And they know I will be honest when giving my opinion.  Even on my bio page, it states “If you can’t handle the truth, don’t ask my opinion.”

I would have to say I’m also good at organizing my bedroom closet.  I have a rather large, walk-in closet, and it’s organized much like a department store.  All of my clothes are separated and organized according to type of garment (blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.), and then organized according to color.  And all items face the same direction; it would drive me nuts to have some facing the front, and others facing the back.  Sweaters are separated according to color, and placed on the shelf accordingly.  If only the rest of my house was so well organized… sigh.

I also have a bit more knowledge in the medical field than most laymen.  I’ve always had a fascination with medicine, and even more so after working in the medical field after leaving the banking, insurance, and real estate industries.

I love learning, so for me to have changed careers when I did, and to the field I did, was a wonderful experience for me. I got so hooked on it that I’ve acquired quite a few medical reference books, as well as lots of other reference books on many other topics, too.

For me, life is a never-ending learning experience, and I love knowledge and learning. So when I stumbled upon WikiAnswers, I was like a kid in a toy store; I didn’t know where to begin with all the new found treasures.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

Gee, that’s sort of a hard one to answer; I love a lot of the features.  But since I can only chose one, I think I have to say blocking the vandals.  It ticks me off beyond description when I see them trashing and disrespecting the site, and wrecking the hard work of others.  I get so upset at them for not even thinking (or not caring) about the fact that they are trashing the work of people who do this because they care enough about the site to volunteer their time.  The vandals have no regard nor respect for those who ask for help and answers, or for the ones who volunteer their time to help those who need it.  So when I do catch one, I get a bit of pleasure in blocking them, and knowing that I’ve helped prevent them from trashing more hard work of someone else.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on WikiAnswers?

I have to say the question Why was the president impotent during the Civil War? struck me as so hilarious, and the answer to it was brilliant and equally hilarious.  It’s the ones that weren’t meant to be funny, such as that one, that strike me as the funniest.  Especially when someone comes up with an equally funny answer, as was the case with this question.

But the question If a dog rolled around on the carpet and got all staticy and a flea jumped on him, would the flea be electrocuted? struck me as hilarious, too, because that’s the sort of questions I’ve asked all my life. It always drove my teachers crazy!

As for my funniest experience, I have to call it a “near experience”.  When I became a Supervisor, I had only been on the site about three weeks.  I had not seen all of the categories yet, so there were still some I wasn’t familiar with.  Then one day, I saw some  questions that looked like gibberish, and I thought it was some kid playing on the computer.  I almost trashed the questions, but “something” told me not to trash them.  Good thing I listened to the “something”, because soon afterward I found out they were the Tagalog category.  Up until then, I had no idea we had a non-English category!  I can only imagine the angry messages I would have gotten if I had begun trashing those questions!  Whew!  That was a close call –  LOL!

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

Hm, a random fact about myself.  Now this is the hardest question so far.  My bio page pretty much sums up the kind of person I am, and how I live my life, so I don’t have a whole lot more to add.  Well, I guess I could tell about the time my twin sister and I set our older sister’s bed on fire, while she was still asleep in it.  But the scar on her foot from the burn really isn’t that big, so I don’t think the fire was such a big deal.

I tend to be optimistic, but not in a manner that makes me unrealistic. I just prefer to look at the brighter side of things. I have pretty good sense of humor and love a great practical joke, and have pulled some great ones. But I’ve also had some pretty good ones pulled on me, too.

I’ve never been shy about speaking my mind, whether it’s to agree or disagree. But I do try to be fair about it. What I mean by that is, if there is something I don’t like or agree with, I say so, but I try to do it in a respectful manner. And when there is something I do like, I speak up, then, too. I feel if one is going to be vocal about how they feel, it shouldn’t be only about the things which they don’t like.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

Let’s celebrate some presidents.

Last week was Abraham Lincoln‘s birthday. Next week is George Washington‘s. So what does that mean?

Presidents’ weekend!

Tomorrow is Presidents’ Day, an American federal holiday celebrating both Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays. Not sure how many people remember that bit as they take extended weekend vacations, but I’m here to remind you. Check out the follow trivia concerning two of the most influential presidents of the United States:

Check out more Q&As about George and Abe. Or learn a thing or two about other famous American presidents.

Celebrating V-day: Are you ready?

If you’ve been counting down to Valentine’s Day, you are nearly there. And if you’ve been trying to forget Valentine’s Day – sorry, but it’s one more day till that can truly happen.

February 14th: A day to strike terror in the hearts of men and girlfriends. Will he get you a gift? Will she like what you picked out? What’s the point of this holiday anyway?

I can’t offer you tips on gifts, or much history for that matter, but I do know who can… There are not one, but two WikiAnswers categories catering to your Valentine Q&A needs: Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day Gift Giving.

Here are a handpicked few:

Has your school paper told you yet?

Hello? What’s your school paper waiting for? The WikiAnswers Scholarship program is underway and you have about six weeks left to answer 50 WikiAnswers questions on the topics of your choice – and win $1,000 for college!

The Distance Daily is sharing the news… They are “dedicated to bringing you the best and latest in headlines regarding students and university and college life. From lifestyle and education news to college reviews and scholarships…”

If you’re connected to any high school or university newspapers, feel free to pass along the info about the scholarship. Why should all your friends miss out?

(Yes, I know why, so that you have a better chance of winning… but that’s not so nice, is it?)

How Do I Unhook This Damn Bra: Man Evolving Backwards.

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, WikiAnswers users tend to submit a surge of love questions on the site. Not so much related to romance as one would think – after all, love is abstract, subjective and at best, indefinable… The questions are more closely related to the physical acts of love – or to put it less eloquently – ‘making out’ with someone for the first time.

One of the most popular questions asked was: How do you unhook a bra? Bra-unhooking skillz have been greatly sought after for centuries. Ah, the difficulties associated with bras have stumped Nobel laureates as well as celebrities. Knights as well as nerds. Even Casanova understood the immense learning curve involved.

So many will attempt this feat and fail miserably; a feat that can make any man, however confident, become a nervous pile of JELLO.

So how is it that apes and monkeys, with less developed opposable thumbs (and many lacking prehensile abilities all together) are more capable of grooming, grasping, and engaging in mating rituals than the more ‘evolved’ bipedal hominid, known as Man?

I found the answer when I came across a question in the Animal Behavior category: Why do monkeys groom each other? The answer had to do with hygiene. Simply put, monkeys groom each other because they can’t take showers. The cleaning of ticks and mites is a survival skill. A skill that eventually developed into a loving courtship ritual. The fact that a monkey can remove a mite the size of a poppy seed from between two fine hairs while a man can’t pop open a bra strap might be a consequence of our reliance on modern technology.

The opposable thumb has helped the human species develop fine motor skills, precision and accuracy. It is also thought to have directly led to the development of tools; why smelt an iron lock to your door when you can buy one at Ace Hardware? Why carve a candlestick and fix the flint in your oil lamp when you can ‘clap on’ the lighting? Our dependence on modern gadgetry has led to the demise of our once specialized and dexterous abilities.

Man is reminded of this only in extreme moments, when his life – and ability to reproduce – are in jeopardy. So for every man who has been humbled by this timeless test of nature, I lay before you the instructions on how to unhook a bra:

How to Unhook a Bra

First you need to understand the enemy- The BRA.
The main problem is that bras are almost always similar but never exactly the same.
The second problem is the issue of being obvious; it’s difficult to smoothly transition from first to second base when you are body wrestling an undergarment. You don’t want to kiss the girl and 1 second later dive under her shirt double handed- this makes you too eager, too much of a player and unromantic…and puts your make-out session in jeopardy!

The only real way to unhook a bra is with ONE HAND (the other hand is used to softly run your fingers through her hair, caress her face ever so gently, and make her feel like your goal is to appreciate her and not get with her…
Another benefit is that this buys you time- if you experience bra-unhooking-difficulty just keep your first hand caressing her while your second hand has time to try and try again as you encounter failure…

The following are the 4 most common scenarios:

1. Back Hook Bra
Feel for the thicker piece of fabric in the back, then the metal clasps (there might be 1, 2 or 3 rows) squeeze the two ends together, increasing tension and with a quick jolt the bra should snap to one side.. and pop open

2. Front Hook Bra
These usually have a single clasp that snap up/down and then together. Feel for the clasp- squeeze the hard piece of plastic/metal so it bends outward/inward and push up/down… there are many directions the clasp can go- just be patient and try all options

3. Sports Bra
If there is no clasp in the front/back and you feel the straps cross in the back you have found yourself with a sports bra- lucky you! Pull it off like an undershirt

4. No Bra – No problem (OK, to be fair most monkeys only encounter situation 4 – yet I still wouldn’t place all my bets with Man for scenarios 1,2,3.)

With practice any man can turn into the Bill Gates of Bra-unhooking. The key is to continually adapt to the changing form of the bra – predator and prey.

For those of you with determination I wish you much luck in this endeavor.

And for the others… please read on – ‘How to unbuckle a belt…’

Answers Corp. to present at technology conference.

Like technology conferences? Like Answers Corp?

Then you may be interested in attending (or tuning in to) the 5th Annual Winter Technology Conference, where Answers Corps’ Bruce Smith, Chief Strategic Officer, is presenting. The conference is being held on Monday, March 9th at the Omni Hotel in San Francisco. The Answers presentation is scheduled for 9:30 am PST.

Read more about it below:

Answers Corp. to Present at 5th Annual Winter Technology Conference Hosted by Security Research Associates, Inc.

A key man in the wiki world.

Today we’re celebrating Steven KeyMan, a longtime WikiAnswers contributor. How long, you ask? Steven reached the Ruby level in contributions and managed to grab a WAmmy award as ‘The Neat Freak’ for most category changes in 2008, as well as two honorable mentions.

But that’s not where it ends: The KeyMan is a Category Supervisor for Baseball Memorabilia (you’ll soon understand why) and a graduate of the Mentoring program. He’s hit over 500 Trust Points, over 500,000 contributions and has won 2nd place in a past AnswerThon.

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

I first heard of WikiAnswers when the name was changed from FAQ Farm. (Rimshot – badum-CHING)  In fact, (or in ‘FAQ’, if you will) the link saved in my favorites still reads FAQ Farm, and has the original URL: Always doing research on-line for baseball memorabilia, I often found myself being directed to FAQ Farm. Now as a member of WikiAnswers, I share the results of my past research with collectors looking for information.

Explain your username.

No, I am not the egotistical man that is the ‘Key’ to everything. My WikiAnswers username, Steven KeyMan, is a tribute to my childhood hero: Mickey Mantle (micKEY MANtle). My first name is Steven. Often, in the past, trying to use the name Mickey Mantle as a username with other forums, Mickey Mantle along with a thousand other combinations of numbers is usually taken. KeyMan – Key the last three letters of Mickey, and Man the first three letters of Mantle – is more unique.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

I enjoy collecting baseball memorabilia, and love to help people with their questions. It’s kind of an extension of my hobby, and in helping people out I also learn in the process. The greatest part of memorabilia is the history behind the item. Regardless of value if a piece of memorabilia has a story behind it, it has my attention. If I do not know the answer I am compelled to find it. My motivation to volunteer my time is the love for the hobby, to pay my dues for the wealth WikiAnswers has given me and… to get Crystal off my back to become a Supervisor.

What are your areas of expertise?

Baseball Memorabilia would be my area of expertise but I do not consider myself to be an expert. I like to use the term knowledgeable. If I were an expert, I would know everything, and knowing everything would make it all very boring. I don’t know everything. You could ask my ex-wife.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

My favorite WikiAnswers feature is the ‘sign out’ feature. When I sign off it usually means I had enough, I can’t see anymore, and it’s time to go to bed.

My second favorite feature are the Trust Points. When I receive a trust point, it gives me a sense of accomplishment in that I have helped someone out.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on WikiAnswers?

The funniest question I had to answer had to be when Crystal asked me to become a Supervisor. Thank you Crystal – I’m not laughing anymore!

In general, I find it amusing when a question is asked with too much detail, and the asker runs out of room to complete it. Such as: How much is a Mickey Mantle baseball signed for my fathers cousin given to me by my mothers brother in-laws friend three weeks before m…?

And last year’s WAmmy for funniest question winner: When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died did he start to decompose? That is genius!

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

I take great pride when I am asked for advice about historic memorabilia items. I have been interviewed by newspaper reporters on items like the value of Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home run baseball. TV shows such as ‘History Detectives’ have come to me a number of times for information.

I have had the pleasure of seeing some extraordinary pieces of history, providing advice, and information to museums, and authors of reference books. I am currently in contact with the Vatican about a group of baseballs signed by Joe DiMaggio, NL President Warren Giles, and baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn presented to Pope Paul VI when he held masse celebrated at Yankee Stadium on October 4, 1965. A plaque was dedicated to the Pope in center field in Yankee Stadium for this event.

An ongoing adventure.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

Now celebrating the 3 millionth answer.

3 millionth answer!It’s WikiAnswers Wednesday, which means we’re taking a look at a question on WikiAnswers that has caught our eye. But today’s question is more than just another one of the millions of questions on WikiAnswers; it’s a milestone: the question containing the 3 millionth answer!

Here’s the Q&A that can boast the honor:

Will every solid with the same dimension have the same density?

Now, physics might not be your game, but it is for others, including Emdrgreg, who provided the – if I may say so – very well-written answer. I’m no science  buff myself, so here’s an excerpt in case we’d all like to learn a thing or two about the density of solids with the same dimensions:

“No. Density is a property of a given material, regardless of how much or how little you have. Density is mass divided by volume. These statements are not contradictory…”

Glad at least one of us out there knows the answer! It’s also very encouraging to see the Q&A community in action, with their millions of contributions. Keep up the quality work, Emdrgreg.

This is also a great opportunity to thank the millions of contributors – members and anonymous – who have asked, answered and edited on WikiAnswers.

Now, let’s get moving with the next million…

WikiAnswers: setting the record straight.

Here’s a comment from Answers Corp CEO Bob Rosenschein:

We are admirers of Jimmy Wales but must set the record straight about the recent statement on Wikia’s site that he is the “founder of Wikianswers”.

Wikia’s Answers category is indeed one of thousands of wikis on its site, right between Ansible and Anthony Trollope. It started in November 2004 and had almost no activity for the past four years. By August 2007, the site had a total of 17 answers. By their launch last week, there were about 1,000. The site remains very small, despite their seeding thousands of unanswered questions last week.

In June of 2004, an entrepreneur named Chris Whitten bought the domain He pointed it to his user-generated Q&A site, then known as FAQ Farm. A vibrant community of passionate contributors formed and did a fantastic job answering questions. By the time Chris sold FAQ Farm and to us in November 2006, the site already had 280,000 questions and 200,000 answers. Shortly thereafter, we re-named the product WikiAnswers.

True to Chris’ vision, our goal is to create the world’s greatest question and answer site. We are well on our way, and the numbers tell the story best: over 8,000,000 questions (35,000 new ones every day); over 3,000,000 answers (10,000 new every day);

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16.5 million unique visitors in the US and 26.7 worldwide in December, according to comScore; over 2 million registered users; and over 500 volunteer supervisors.

We do agree with Gil Penchina, CEO of Wikia Inc., that “there is room for many organizations to be successful in organizing human knowledge.” However, Wikia is creating market confusion by associating its Q&A category with our market-leading WikiAnswers domain and site.

I would like to thank WikiAnswers founder Chris Whitten and the community that he started for their wonderful efforts building WikiAnswers. We have much to be proud of. According to comScore, by percentage growth, was the fastest growing top 200 US domain for all of 2008.

– Robert Rosenschein
CEO, Answers Corporation

WikiAnswers Scholarship: $20,000 for students.

New announcement from Answers Corp today: The company that is all about knowledge-sharing is now extending itself towards helping students acquire further knowledge – with the WikiAnswers Scholarship Program:

“Building a worldwide Q&A community takes a lot of hard work, dedication and knowledge — and it doesn’t only happen on the WikiAnswers site. Knowledge-sharing is a part of who we are every day, which is why Answers Corporation established the $20,000 WikiAnswers Scholarship Fund to provide funds for deserving students.”

Whoa! So here are some of the details, broken down:

  • The WikiAnswers Scholarship Program plans to award twenty scholarships valued at $1,000 each for use by recipients.
  • This scholarship is for students planning to be enrolled in undergraduate classes during the 2009-2010 academic year.
  • Sign in to WikiAnswers with your username and answer at least 50 questions of your choice. The panel of judges will review the 50 answers you submit with your application for quality and accuracy.
  • All materials must be submitted (and postmarked) by March 31, 2009.

You can get more details, including the FAQs and the downloadable scholarship application on the WikiAnswers Scholarship Program page.

WikiAnswers Scholarship Program

As always, stay tuned for more scholarship information, tips and news.

The amazing wiki world of Delltechie.

What hasn’t Delltechie done to enhance the WikiAnswers community in the less-than-a-year he’s been a contributor? Let’s see… He’s made it to Platinum Contributor status with over 200,000 contributions. Dell has worked his way up to Floating Supervisor and Mentor while taking on the tasks of WikiGuide and Site Guardian. Above all that, he’s behind a WikiAnswers Fan community on Ning.

So it comes as no shock that Dell has his own WikiAnswers work station from where he “eats, sleeps and dreams WikiAnswers.”

In addition, Dell’s a trustworthy fellow; after all, he was a recent recipient of ‘Most Trust Points’ WAmmy Award (for the record, that’s 2,384 trust points… for now…). Which is music to our ears, since he’s worked as – literally – a Dell techie over the years and helped plenty of people with their computer troubles, on WikiAnswers and off. He’s even got friendly advice to offer from his  bio page.

Here are some more reasons to trust Delltechie, in his own words:

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

I was looking for some information on a certain spyware and found WikiAnswers. But i found the answers blank. So I started on an answering blitz of 1500 answers on the first day.

Explain your username.

Delltechie is made up to two words: ‘Dell’ as in Dell Corp, where i used work as Dell tech support. ‘Techie’ is what all Dell tech support staff are called, as they are chosen from the best of the best. In my training course there were 50 trainees and at the end of the month’s training there were eight left and only three hit the floor. Hence the name Delltechie.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

I like the people on the site. And as I have been helping online for many years at sites like, and, helping comes as a second nature. And I truly believe you are remembered for the help you give others and not for the amount of money you make. Thanks to nice people – like Brave3 – who keep me updated on issues, that is what truly motivates me to keep helping on WikiAnswers.

What are your areas of expertise?

I usually help out with the Computer Viruses questions. I also am a Site Guardian, scanning the site for vandalism.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

The Community Forum, as this is where everyone from around the world can meet and share ideas.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on WikiAnswers?

Who is Chuck Norris?

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

I’m a certified fitness instructor, scuba diver, trekker, and The Alchemist follower.

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