Stop Cyberbullying in its Tracks

Our tireless WIT coordinator, Neila222, has an exciting announcement this week:

WikiAnswers Influential Teens (WIT) is taking a stance against cyberbullying with a new anti-cyberbullying initiative. Cyberbullying occurs any time a person is harassed, threatened, embarrassed or willfully targeted by someone else through any type of electronic technology. It is just as dangerous as a physical schoolyard bullying, if not more so, because cyberbullying can have far-reaching and devastating consequences.

Today’s teens have seen the effects of cyberbullying firsthand and are prepared to take a stand in keeping cyberbullies off of WikiAnswers. WIT members interested in joining the anti-cyberbullying initiative have been researching WikiAnswers to find instances of cyberbullying, and submitting them along with reasons why they believe cyberbullying is wrong. Since the anti-cyberbullying initiative was launched last week, 25 WIT teens so far have taken a stand against cyberbullying.

In addition to receiving an anti-cyberbullying badge on their bio pages, WIT teens are seizing this opportunity to take an active role in reporting cyberbullies on WikiAnswers so they can be removed from the site, along with any derogatory, harassing or insulting posts. This initiative is growing every day, with more WIT members joining the fight against cyberbullying, and striving to keep WikiAnswers a safe place for teens and adults.

To read more about WikiAnswers’ policy on cyberbullying, you can visit the WikiAnswers Help Center. To learn more about WIT, visit the WIT Home Page. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, and are interested in becoming a WIT member and joining the fight against cyberbullying, send an email to joinWIT @ (no spaces), and include your user name, date of birth, and tell us how you heard about WIT.

Thank you Neila and all the teens involved for their efforts to make a safe and welcoming environment!

78 thoughts on “Stop Cyberbullying in its Tracks

  1. I have been cyber bullyed before.
     the worst part for me was that it was public. everon on my facebook could see it evon my famly.

  2. People should know that what they put online anyone can see and print off. Also words can hurt i don’t understand why people would want to hurt people like that. So bullies have to stop being mean online there actually getting there self in trouble  so many teens have been affected by cyber bullying it just annoys me so much people waste there time bullying others. 

      • do it matter seriously 1st of all  your going to waste a comment on saying you should really replace their for there really this isn’t english class im pretty dam sure that he passed english class so stop giving us lesson about ENGLISH thnxk but no thanks for the help and 2nd of all you worrying about how he spelled their and your not event thinking about the real problem at take cyberbulling so put down the joke book and get to business ok LEETEXTER WHICH IS NOT YOUR REAL NAME. :(;.



  3. PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN WORLD!!!!!! Bullying has gone out of hand. I know THIS because I’m NOT an adult I’m 11!!! I get bullied myself. Kids feel like we CAN’T tell adults because we think that they’re just gonna tell EVERYONE and EMBARASS us! Pleeeaassssse find a way to SNEAK behind your child’s back and tell the Princeable! ONLY THE PRINCEABLE!!!!!!!!! NO1 ELSE!!! PLEASE! Oh, btw…….DON’T GIVE YOUR CHILD A BUCH OF ATTENTION WHEN THEY’RE 7-9 or 14-18. It may be alot of years, but if you want a HAPPY child, DO IT!!! Give them LOVE and affection when they’re 1-6, 10-13, and 19-however long they live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Answers have the worst bullies and that’s not even the bad part. The bad part is that most of the bullies are the moderators on POWER TRIPS!

  5. I don’t know why people bully each other. We may be different, have certain looks or medical conditions etc but that that doesn’t mean we should bully people. Cyber bullying hurts people and many people become stressed out that they want to kill themselves. So we should put a stop to this once and for all. We are all different but we should be treated the same. Whoever bullies someone its just gonna come back to them. CYBER BULLYING SHOULD STOP RIGHT NOW!!! Thumbs up if you agree

  6. cyber bullying is wrong i hate it i wish it was never known to the world our even to little kidds especially them because kids get beat up and everything over facebook, myspace and even just chating to people online that  kids dont even known and they get tracked down and killed or raped its sad and i wouldn’t want to see it sone to any child adult or elder or even animal not the cyber bullying thing like the abuse anywhoo thats why if i have something to say to people i say it to there face and i expect people to do the same to me but it dont always end up like that

  7. It keeps coming up that I am interested in questions that I’m not plz refrain from doing this and also I’d like 2 change my username….ive been cyberbullied but wont believe it next time…windows 7k x

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