APepper on the Scoville Scale? Hotelligent!

pepperDid you know that there are more than a thousand varieties of peppers in the world? Seriously. There are bell peppers, Jalapeno peppers, yellow peppers, Serrano and even sport peppers. From sweet to blazin’ hot, you name it and there is most likely a pepper for it or named after it. But one kind of pepper you won’t find anywhere outside of WikiAnswers is APepper – that’s right. APepper. While the Scoville scale says that pure capsaicin is the hottest thing around we know better… APepper is hotelligent! That’s simply off the charts…

Want to know more? Read on my friends!

What is your WikiAnswers user name and the history behind it?

It’s my name! (Andrew Pepper)

Are you a Floating or Category Supervisor (which categories)?

I’m a Floating Supervisor – I think!

Do you have any pets?

No, although for a few months we had a Siamese cat living with us (a long story!)

Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

We live in two countries; England and Cyprus. I was actually born in the area of England (East Anglia) where we live now and we’ve long been hellenophiles. So when the opportunity arose a few years ago, we picked Cyprus – which is warm in the winter.

Where did you grow up and do you have any special memories of your childhood?

I grew up in Essex, outside of my family, my earliest memories are of seeing the Beatles on TV – on programs that are now lost, as they weren’t recorded; I’m a big Beatles fan.

What educational information would you like to share?

I studied electronics at London University and worked there for several years as a technician and, latterly, as a computer programmer. I also started a PhD in Cybernetics on Natural Language.

What are some of your past and/or present occupations?

I co-founded a company which designed and manufactured datacomms equipment. As well as helping to run the company, I also wrote software and documentation for products. I’m now self-employed; I do some freelance photography, designing Web sites and I’ve written a program which allows camera clubs to run competitions using a laptop and digital projector – the digital revolution has been a big thing for camera clubs as they used to use slides a lot.

What is/are your key area(s) of knowledge, interests or expertise?

Partly I have “professional” knowledge of datacomms, computers in general, photography and electronics but I also have interests; the Beatles, evolution by natural selection (I studied that for my PhD). I’m not a believer in god, but I have an interest in the bible – there is a quiz show in the UK called QI which describes surprising facts in the bible (e.g. Delilah didn’t cut off Samson’s hair; there were seven of most animals on Noah’s ark; the oldest man mentioned in the bible is Enoch), this kind of trivia is right up my street! Although I studied quite a lot of physics and quantum physics in particular as part of my electronics course, I’m very nervous about answering questions about physics as my knowledge is 30 years old.

Living in Cyprus for some of the year means I speak a little Greek.

Do you have any collections or hobbies?

Photography and computer programming are my hobbies. I’m lucky enough to get paid to do them, but I’d do them for free just for fun.

What do you like to do for recreation?

Apart from photography and computer programming, I play some table tennis and cricket. I also play some computer games.

What are a few random facts about yourself?

I speak a little Greek, I’m tall, I’m surprisingly good at estimating how long it takes to do things, I play the guitar quite badly, I can touch type, I hold a teaching qualification, I’m vegetarian, I’m left handed. I don’t like people saying “decimate” when they really mean “devastate”.

Do you have any special talents you’d like to share?

My main talent is computer programming; although I’ve taught Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, I’ve rarely taught programming – it seems that people can either program or they can’t – you need a mixture of persistence, patience and profanity(!) to program and not everyone can do it.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I’ve written some successful programs over the years and a couple of books (both about programming), but, of course, being in the world of technology, these are fleeting successes. I’m pleased with my teaching of adults – many students arrived with very little knowledge of computing and they left to become office professionals.

What are your special goals or dreams?

Alas I’m too late for rock star (I had plans to join the Beatles or Queen which fell through!). I’m also unlikely to play cricket for England; these are my daydreams. One of my dreams actually came true – as a boy I met Eric Morecambe; probably Britain’s funniest comedian since the war and he was great. He appeared to be pleased to meet me, although I disturbed him having a cup of coffee.

How would you describe yourself or personality?

An optimist would call me a pessimist; I call myself a realist. I have some English characteristics; I like word play, I’m skeptical, I’m quiet, I like seeing things done well. I like using well-designed products. I like odd coincidences. I once worked with a lady called Jane Babbage who was a descendant of Charles Babbage who invented the computer – brilliant!

What brought you to WikiAnswers?

ISTR it was mentioned on a TV program in the UK (Click).

What keeps you coming back to WikiAnswers

It’s interesting looking at the recent questions. Often there will be a question that I half know the answer to – a recent one was “How many North and South Poles are there?” I remember on QI that there were a surprising number – and after a minute or so with Google I found the detail; the answer is seven (four north and three south) – that’s interesting to me.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers activity?

When I’m feeling particularly industrious, I’ll try and “clear” an area of questions. For example, I’ll search for questions containing the word “atheism” and try and provide answers for all of them. Obviously, this only works when there aren’t that many questions, and I actually know (or can find out) the answers.

Ralph of the Flies: ‘Til Daddy Comes

Ralph of the Flies is a silver contributor on Answers.com. Earlier this month his team snagged 5th place in the 9³ AnswerHunt and several of his questions were answered in our Town Hall.

Beyond that, you’ll find him among the Top Organizers in the Wales and Scotland categories as well as the Top Answerers in the Lord of the Flies, Wales, Scotland, Roman Numerals and Stonehenge categories! He was kind enough to share this poem of his for this week’s installment of the Poetry Cafe…

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ wikianswers.com (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

‘Til Daddy Comes, by Ralph of the Flies

And from the lushness you emerge
Dazzling bright, phantasms stretch and melt
Where the sea meets the noonday sky
A coral teardrop, a good place to be
‘Til daddy comes for you
School grey stockings, like cares, cast aside
No words can speak their joy for you
Head in sand, legs splayed
Skin lightly dusted by a myriad of tiny stars
The sea’s prize to sound
And called, like scurrying insects
Flies drawn to fruit and cool green shadows
Then climbing to the sky
Surrounded by air and highest of all
United to tumble free, a good place to be
‘Til fire brings daddy for you
Fear not the darkness or ordure’s foetid stench
Sh*t in the sea, like a good boy should
Betrayed by the flutter of wings within
And wearing beaded crimson anklets
A garland of labours needless spent
Midst soft grey remains of yesterdays hopes, abandoned
Feed the ponies at the wall
And from the hayloft, sweet and snug
Flakes of purest white, drift
Caressing gold flecked skin like softest down
Read your books in bed
‘Til daddy says good night
The curtain flickers, again
The bus is coming closer, run and hide
Climb a tree or break the line?
And through the air, falling slowly
A pink block in a silver sea stained red
Requiem of sooty motes written large across the sky
No ponies now, for evermore, the bus is here
Daddy came too late
Will your tears wash the darkness from your heart?

New Answers.com launches at DEMO 2009.

Here is the exciting news from Answers.com, which is launching its new product today at DEMO 2009 in San Diego:

New Answers.com Launches First Site to Combine Community with Hundreds of Editorial Resources under One Roof

International Languages Now Supported: Spanish, French, Italian & German

New Answers.com combines the power of the company’s WikiAnswers® community-driven content with hundreds of expert resources from licensed content on ReferenceAnswers™. Users can ask anything and automatically receive the best available answer, which could be user-generated or from an editorial resource. Through the contributions of a large and growing community, answers can be edited and improved over time.

To sum it up, Answers.com has officially combined its user-generated WikiAnswers Q&A database and the licensed content of ReferenceAnswers to create one powerful answer engine, designed to offer you the best answer to your question.

In addition, four new language Q&A communities have opened up. These new international versions are:

Watch Answers Corp’s onstage presentation at the DEMO conference! Visit www.demo.com TOMORROW (Wednesday), shortly before 11:48 a.m. EDT (8:48 a.m. PDT).

UPDATE: Below is the footage of the talk given by Bob and Shaya at DEMO…

See them on the other side.

Not only did longtime WikiAnswers contributors Keats and Rudiful2 cross over to Ruby-level contributor last week – but they did it together, actually coordinated so that they would cross over to the highest contributor level at 10:05 EST on Friday, September 18th.

So is it more like congrats to Rubyful2 and Keatstributor?

In the words of Rudy:

“It was shear joy working with such a wonderful “LADY”, no competitive natures were involved, just working together for the betterment of the site, WOW, what fun.”

And we can’t agree more – it is always a joy to see contributors working together to reach milestones – the wiki way!

A Twiyp Down ‘Right Now’ Lane.

contributor-silver_smallJust to set the record straight… Twiyp is NOT an abbreviation for Twilight. Nor does it stand for anything related to the Twilight series – as I recently found out. And no, we are not going on a Twiyp down memory lane or to the Bahamas. Twiyp is right here, right now – one of WikiAnswers’ funniest Supervisors EVER.

Here’s more on the funomenal Twiyp:

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

You know when you go to Wikipedia to look up an article about Brigido Lara, you go to an article about Mexico, redirect yourself to a page about helicopters and then find a sudden interest in balloons?

Yeah… Finding WikiAnswers was nothing like that. I looked up a word, and it suggested I look at a question. Having the urge for a dangerous adventure, I peeked at the answer to find a nonsensical comment! I fixed up the answer a little bit, and then became a member of WikiAnswers after realizing that the entire Web site was incredibly addicting.

Explain your user name.

I had great difficulty deciding on my WikiAnswers user name. A user name should give other people a hint about what you are, who you look like or what you like to do. It expresses your deep love for someone or something, or what you truly believe in…

…Which brings me to my user name Twiyp or The World Is Your Potty.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

I like to play a helpful part in any meaningful project, especially when the only reward is a pat on the back… and a “Ruby Contributor” badge.

What are your areas of expertise?

When I’m online in shorter time frames, I like to fix up new answers and re-word new questions. With more time, I enjoy answering questions that require long explanations, especially if they deal with technology – my favorite category is the PHP category.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

The ability to have bold text! The possibilities are virtually endless. Using bold formatting is less rude than having an all-letters-uppercase word, but has more of an emphasis than italics. I imagine bold words being yelled a tad bit louder than a polite volume.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on WikiAnswers?

What sound is made when the dirt is gone? I laugh at the expression, every time. “Bam! And the dirt is gone!”

Share a random fact about yourself.

I aspire to collect an Airzooka of every possible color. My significant other ties my shoelaces better than me — after all, I can’t tie shoes. But I do have nice shoe and I like them a lot…Just got them a few days ago.

I have a constant craving for vanilla-flavored tea… Except for right now. I’m actually not very thirsty… or am I? I don’t know. I could actually go for a Double-stuffed Oreo cookie right now… mmm…

Probably the thing I like to advertise the most: I’ve performed music in the Sydney Opera House.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

RosaMistica’s sweet lullaby.

RosaMistica is our sole representative from Indonesia on the WikiAnswers Supervisor team.  She is now a college student at one of the universities in her hometown studying English this year and hopefully management next year.  Her biggest wish for the site is for there to be a WikiAnswers version in Indonesian.  Considering the success of the WikiAnswers Tagalog version, Rosa might just get her wish someday.

Besides writing poetry, her creative passions include writing novels, short stories, and fan fiction as well as photography and art.  Rosa’s contribution to the Poetry Cafe can be read below…

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ wikianswers.com (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

Our Lullaby, by Ananda Muhammad

My love would want to reach into the depths of your heart
On a stary night I would whisper, when will you love me back?
Hours of uneasy sleep will accompany me
A lullaby that will caress me while I sleep
More time, I need more time to make you mine
An everlasting sunshine shall await us, but before that day comes
Day by day I’ll wait until the cloud in my heart passes away

Patrick Swayze: A Horse of a Different Color.

Patrick SwayzePatrick Swayze: The Dirty Dancer and the Ghost.

He was People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 1991 and depicted the face of the Civil War in ‘North and South.’ He was a singer and a licensed pilot.  When you think of Patrick Swayze, images of grace and  the human physique fill your brain. You may get the song ‘Hungry Eyes’ stuck in your head as you see a charismatic dancer smiling.  Or maybe, you have an image of a man hanging off a jagged mountain cliff in an action scene. For many people, he is gently smoothing  out clay on a potter’s wheel.

All these images are iconic of Patrick Swayze – but not the image of cancer.

Patrick Swayze died on September 14th, 2009 from complications due to pancreatic cancer.  For many Americans and global fans alike, Patrick Swayze was a not just a good actor but a great guy. He was married to his only wife, Lisa Niemi, for 37 years (a feat practically unheard of in Hollywood).  He was the son of a cowboy and a fun older brother to two adopted siblings.

But perhaps most of all, he had a soft spot for animals, particularly horses.

Do pet owners sometimes take on the characteristics of their pets?
A: Yes. Horse owners often get a longing for outdoors and nature when riding alongside their horse. Cat owners can take on the quite and observant demeanor of their pets. Even prisonmates have been known to become more friendly and outgoing after being assigned as pet owners to Golden retrievers (in specialized animal programs).

When asked what attracted him to Egyptian Arabian horses, Swayze answered, “Their beauty. I like the form of the head, the proud trot, the harmonious physique. Everything fits together and is in accord. There is a natural balance.”

Patrick Swayze’s  ‘trotting’ has forever left a mark in the dance hall of fame. And, as for nature and balance, Mr. Swayze competed with one of  his favorite horses, Wasel, in the 1995 Qatar desert marathon (a 26-mile race). “I got to do my dream, “ he said, “ I got to ride an Arabian horse in the deserts from whence they come. I am a romantic fool to a fault.”

Midway through the race , the horse experienced saddle problems. Patrick Swayze threw off the saddle and rode the animal bareback. This resulted in him being  among the last to cross the finish line. As they say, ‘It’s not always when you get to the finish line, but how you get there that counts.’

True to this phrase, Patrick Swayze was an optimist to his dying day.  Just as the peaceful horse chews grass and frolics in the pasture, Patrick Swayze took on this same line of thought. Horses are not hunters.  “That’s one thing I’m not gonna do, is chase, is chase staying alive… You’ll spend so much time chasing staying alive you won’t live, you know? I wanna live.”

“I’m cooking. I’m a miracle dude. I don’t know why,” he said.

Asks a WA user:

What is Patrick Swayze most remembered for?
A: The way he moved his body on the dance floor and the way he moved our hearts on the screen.

Answers Corp ranked #18 in August.

Big news from Answers Corp today related to some new, spectacular numbers:

Answers Corporation Announces August comScore Rank of #18

Looks like Answers.com – including both its reference site and WikiAnswers – can boast some impressive U.S. unique visitor numbers for August, after participating in comScore’s new measurement system.

Answers Corporation… today reported comScore data for August 2009. This report reflects first-time measurement data following Answers’ implementation of comScore’s new measurement methodology, Media Metrix 360, also known as a “panel-centric hybrid” solution.

According to comScore, Answers’ U.S. unique visitors reached 45.1 million in August (rank #18). WikiAnswers had 36.2 million U.S. unique visitors and ReferenceAnswers had 16.5 million U.S. unique visitors in August.

More from Answers Corp explaining comScore’s new system:

Media Metrix 360
According to comScore, its new ‘hybrid’ measurement methodology is aimed at eliminating the long-standing confusion about the differences between internal client metrics and the publicly reported third-party audience estimates. comScore has developed a proprietary methodology to combine stand-alone panel and server-side metrics to calculate audience reach in a manner that is not effected by distortions such as cookie deletion, cookie rejection and non-user requested traffic. comScore clients can choose to implement hybrid measurement for their own sites by embedding beacon calls on user-requested content.

It is important to note that certain comScore clients have moved to the Full Hybrid measurement methodology, while others have moved to “Partial Hybrid” status (as did Answers Corporation) or have yet to implement hybrid measurement. Consequently, direct comparison of a ranking post-Hybrid implementation vs. pre-Hybrid implementation may not reflect the actual change in the site’s ranking or audience size over time.

January, February, MattApril!

R1-00AAs the months roll by, many new folks embark on the journey of sharing knowledge via the awesome site we like to call WikiAnswers. Every now and then, among this growing community of awesome Contributors, bright shining stars emerge; those who demonstrate that they are deeply committed to what WikiAnswers stands for and go on to represent this project in the best possible light.

That is why I’m proud and honored to introduce this week’s featured Contributor – MattApril. A multi-talented, wonderful guy, he really symbolizes what WikiAnswers is all about – generosity, community and selfless devotion.

Here’s more:

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

If I recall correctly I was Googling something and that’s how I found WikiAnswers, since it was one of the links that popped up. I got hooked on it basically as soon as I went there.

Explain your user name.

Matt is my real first name. April is for one of my former job coaches who was pretty cool at the time. It was when I was doing janitorial stuff at a restaurant a couple hours before it was time to open.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

Helping people by answering questions they have plus trying to protect the integrity of the site by keeping the vandals away.

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise in terms of categories would be Power Rangers, Pokémon, Smallville and Digimon. My knowledge and memory when it comes to Power Rangers and, to some extent, Smallville is usually so amazing that it usually shocks me.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

I would have to say answering questions, but I also like other features, too, such as some of my Supervisor tools… like being able to revert an answer.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen on WikiAnswers?

Funniest question that I’ve seen would be “If you mess up your foot can it tell you if its supposed to rain?

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

Well, I live in a one-story apartment in Ohio. I also have a pretty good memory, it’s not as good as they say an elephant’s is but it’s pretty up there. Even though I live on my own in my one-story apartment, I do have Direct Care Staff who come in to assist me with things.

Also I said on my bio page that I’m a bowler, so I suppose I should say what my average is since I’m sure some bowling fans might be interested in that. I usually average around a score of 90 when it comes to bowling.

Right now I’m currently working for a work shop. Two days a week I work there and three days a week I work at an enclave site. The enclave site I work at is a daycare. I just do janitorial stuff there. When I’m at the work shop, well I do basically an assortment of tasks some of which include making bead necklaces, putting together puzzles, putting together first aid kits, organizing baseball cards by teams and even doing some computer work.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

3… 2… 1… Answer!

As one third of the activities for the 9³ Experience, WikiAnswers held its first Video Answer Contest – and wow, the time, effort and effects that these contributors put into their video answers are amazing.

Steven Spielberg, watch out! Here are the future directors… of answers:

FIRST Place: KingRudiDo you want to take drugs? (video)

SECOND Place: JadeAcresAre roosters dangerous and how do you handle a rowdy rooster? (video)

THIRD Place: Squirrel ManHow do you spin a basketball on your finger? (video)

Honorable Mentions: Cowleya and Brainiacs (How do you take off in a Cessna 172?) and Sandface (What size are runt Shorkies?)

The winning videos – and others – will be shared here on WikiAnswers Wednesdays, so make sure to check back.

The winners of the contest will receive Amazon.com gift cards along with other WikiAnswers  9³ merchandise.

Still interested in contributing a video Q&A to WikiAnswers? Just take out your camera, pick a question, record your answer, and add the link to its question on WikiAnswers. Let us know and you’ll be featured (and awarded a prize) as well!

Sophie200: We’ll wait for her.

Sophie200 is one of WikiAnswers’ passionate bronze contributors. She is a reading machine. Whether it be a sign post, book, letter, or a copy of her favorite series of novels – Noughts and Crosses – you can bet Sophie has read it!

She also loves to find out more about the law and argue her case whilst debating.

The wait is over as we now present a poem written by Sophie for this week’s Poetry Cafe…

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ wikianswers.com (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

Wait for me, by Sophie200

I suppose you think this is just a game?
Playing with me like a toy in your nursery.
Hopscotch on the playground.
Manipulating me.
Winding me
up by a

Why am I the one playing tag with you?
You are always going to be
two steps ahead of me,
two years older than
me,two lifetimes
appart from

Hopping and skipping from one step to the next.
I’m going my fastest. Why won’t
you slow down
and wait for

Why are you in such a hurry? Time will wait.
We can’t play games anymore
Stop pretending that you
never tricked

Did you intend to hurt me? By making it painless
you hurt me more,
Why do I still

If the Shoe Fits, Buy It!

The Shoe.

It’s a simple word and it has a simple purpose: To cover the foot and provide a rigid base on which the sole and heel can walk. Yet, this same word has the power to elicit squeals of joy and tears of happiness from women all over the world. The shoe has the ability to establish wealth and status. It can raise your height and correct your stature. But most of all, women love shoes because well, they are just so darn cute!  (Even  Cinderella fell in love with the prince because he found  her lost glass slipper). But this obsession with shoes is not new, it goes as far back as humanity itself…

caveman shoesThe oldest known shoe found, is a 5,300-year-old “Ice Man” shoe in the Tyrolean Alps made of animal hide and wood netting.  It was stuffed with straw and moss for padding (the caveman was a long distant relative of Dr Scholl’s).

Next we have Pharaoh and Cleopatra. Egypt is a hot country with a blazing sun. When these rulers walked around the sand  they preferred  to do it in golden, open-toed sandals. And really,  who wants to get a farmer’s tan on your feet?Romans

The Romans were not just great warriors, they were also great shoemakers. They are documented as the first to develop shoes fitted specifically for the left and right feet. Take a look around today, ‘Gladiators’ are the latest footwear trend, worn by top models and school children alike.

Who can forget the classic klompen ? The traditional all-wooden clogs were worn by factory workers in the Netherlands to avoid sharp objects, but were quickly prized for their fun clatter as the wood strikes the pavement. Dutch dancers are still clonking away today.

The ultimate winner in shoe comfort goes to the Native Americans. Sitting Bull and Pocahontas knew they were onto something when they put on those cozy warm moccasins. If I were John Smith I would’ve wanted to walk down the aisle in moccasins too.

bootsAdd some material around the calf, and poof – you get boots!  Whether you are in the Russian army or a cowboy in Texas: rough weather, war and animals meant  putting on your boots.

Remove some material  from the standard shoe and you get the highly versatile flip-flop. Slip it on for theflipflops beach and slip it off for the pool. Easy as 1, 2, 3! FYI: If you see a sign in front of a fancy restaurant in England or Australia that reads ‘No Thongs,’ they are talking about your footwear.

Alas! I save the best for last.  The high heel came into fashion with Elizabeth’s reign in the late 16th century.  Proper heels were worn by both men and women; often colorfully decorated with rosettes, lace, ribbon,  and embroidery. Even King Louis XIV of France was known for his red leather heels.

In fact, the shoe is so ingrained into our society and culture, some may argue the affinity to footwear is borderline unhealthy… How many pairs of shoes does the average woman own?

Answer: On average, a female from ages 13-16 may own about 15 pair of shoes including sneakers.
Older women 16-21, who perhaps have a job: 25-40 pairs
A mature woman 25-50, anywhere from 40-60 pair of shoes.

That is quite a lot of shoes. What about animals; they have shoes too. Why do horses wear shoes?

horseshoeAnswer: A horseshoe is a “U”-shaped item made of metal, steel, iron or a modern synthetic materials that is nailed or glued to the hooves of horses. In the wild, horses walk on meadows, dirt and other softer surfaces. But horses in captivity walk on gravel, roads, rocks plus they are carrying the extra weight of a person or supplies. The horseshoes provide protection to the hooves and maintains a relatively flat surface. Different types of horseshoes are available to match the types of activity.

So horses wear shoes for utility, while people decorate their shoes for a myriad of superficial reasons. Is this so wrong?  My pointy toed , jewel crested 4 inch suede heels may not have a lot of utility (in fact they are quite painful) but they do have a lot of sole!

WikiAnswers Town Hall Part 3/3: The Company.

And finally, as 9/9/09 soon comes to a close around the world, Part 3/3 of the WikiAnswers Town Halls is now published for watching.

This town hall addresses Q&A about Answers Corp itself – the workplace, the origins, and the people behind the company. Featuring Denise, Chris, Bob, Leah, Jonathan, Sarah, Nathan, Liz and Rotem.

Thanks for tuning in to the WikiAnswers 9³ Town Halls. If you’d like to see more Town Halls like these in the future, or have suggestions, please leave feedback in the comments.

WikiAnswers Town Hall Part 1/3: The Community.

Welcome to Part 1/3 of the WikiAnswers Town Halls for the 9³ Experience!

Answers Corp staff have answered many of the questions submitted by WikiAnswers contributors, and now we all get to watch and learn something new about our favorite answers company, community and site.

As promised, three town  hall videos will be shown here, on no.stupid.answers, throughout the day. The first is below and the second will be posted at 3pm EST and the third at 9pm EST.

Without further ado, the first of the WikiAnswers 9³ Town Hall series, covering Q&A related to the WikiAnswers Community. Participating in this Town Hall are Crystal, Matthew, Gregg, Adam, Suzanne and Chris.

Stay tuned for Part 2/3, Q&A about the site, at 3pm EST.

9³ has arrived: Answerhunt winners & more.

The day is finally here: September 9, 2009. Three 9s in line with each other to symbolize the WikiAnswers 9³ Experience. In the spirit of the day, here are some announcements, cubed:

1. Today is the last day you can submit up to nine video answers for the 9³ Video Contest.

2. There will be three Town Hall sessions throughout the day – the first at 9am EST, the second at 3pm EST and the third at 9pm EST.

3. It’s also time to announce the Answerhunt winners! Thanks to everyone who teamed up and participated in the first-ever WikiAnswers Answerhunt!

Feedback shows it was a fun event with a lot of potential.

And the winners of the Answerhunt – and of some really awesome Amazon gift cards – are:

1. Blackwood Rangers Aggie80, Btp2u, Chief k
2. Pizazz samke23, Meat loaf lover, Ashan12
3.Genesis Cowleya, Medium2, EndTrans
4. Team Nostalgia Jadeacres, Knighttemplar, Jponbac
5. The 9 Cubed Experience Dino10, Ralph of the Flies, Lazarus1950

Congrats to the winners! Looking forward to future community activities from WikiAnswers.

Happy 9/9/09!