talks content at OMMA. is proud to participate at MediaPost’s OMMA event today in New York City. Bruce Smith, Chief Strategic Officer, will be sitting on a panel about content at 4:30pm. If you are there, feel free to leave your thoughts on the panel in the comments below.

Here is some more information about the session:

Grilling the Content Farmers: When Data Drives Publishing

A new breed of publishing emerged this past year that reverses the polarity of traditional behavioral targeting. Instead of using content to identify user interests and target ads, they use search and other online behaviors to direct which content to create and push in real time into the information economy. Traditional publishers recoil at the prospect of automated editorial decisions, but do these brash new players have something to teach old media? Advertisers wonder what value to place on these audiences and their declared interests. We bring together new and old publishers and their ad clients to explore the implications of a demand-side content economy.

Moderator: Terence Kawaja, Managing Director, GCA Savvian Advisors

Saul Hansell, Programming Director,, AOL Inc.
Patrick Keane, CEO, Associated Content, Inc.
Steven Kydd, EVP of Content, DemandMedia
Bruce Smith, Chief Strategic Officer,
Josh Stinchcomb, Publisher, Conde Nast Digital

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Six things related to ‘Jersey Shore’ that aren’t stupid.

Jeresy ShoreFor someone who grew up nearby, MTV’s Jersey Shore is bringing back memories. It’s also making me sad that there are so many positive things about Italian Americans, beaches, and the word ‘Snooki’ that people don’t realize.

What a shame to cave into the stereotypes! Here are a bunch of things you didn’t know but will probably make you feel better about humanity than what you see on Jersey Shore.

Six things related to ‘Jersey Shore’ that aren’t stupid

  1. Italian Americans.

    Despite the fact that most of the Jersey Shore kids claim Italian American heritage, it’s best to focus on the long list of Italian American influencers of U.S. history and culture. Shout out to Christopher Columbus!

    Oh, It’s also tastier.

  2. Snooky Pryor.Snooky Pryor

    Snooki who?

    Snooky Pryor (1921-2006) was a blues harp player born in Mississippi, known for developing a Delta blues style of music. While he served in the Army, he was responsible for blowing the bugle calls into the PA system. This gave him a chance to experiment with playing the harmonica in a similar way, helping his music career develop.

  3. Don’t forget Pennsylvania!Jersey Shore, PA

    Hey New Jerseyians, watch out! Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, um, totally beats you: Located on a branch of the Susquehanna River, this shore was known for its farms, railroad shops, cigar factories, and a large silk mill… in the past.

    Hey, retro is cool, is it not?

  4. Jersey Shore shark attacks.

    Forget the rowdy cast of the MTV hit… If you were a Jersey Shore-goer in 1916, what made you sweat were the man-eating sharks!

    Over twelve deadly days, four swimmers were killed and one injured during a heat wave that sent swimmers and sharks alike for some respite off the coast of New Jersey.

    Kinda makes the punches thrown by and at the show’s cast seem less violent…

  5. The Situation

    What’s ‘The Situation’? It’s a lot of things, but currently it’s also getting a bad rap because someone made it their nickname. To clear the air, here are some other things with more claim to being The Situation:

  6. New Jersey

    New Jersey. Hmm. The Devils? The Nets? The Jets? The premise for MTV’s Jersey Shore?

    Actually, never mind.

Mum’s the Word, Mumford68 to be Exact

Mum’s the word. It’s a popular saying derived from Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2: “Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.” Basically it means, keep quiet and say nothing at all. But for me, that is impossible to do. So this week, instead of mum’s the word, I have decided to go with Mumford68’s the word.

Mumford68 happens to be one of our amazing contributors on and this week’s Featured Super Star. Here’s more… Shush now and read:

What is your user name and the history behind it?

It’s Mumford68 and it was a spur of the moment decision. I was not sure about what type of site was so I typed in the first thing to come into my mind along with the birth year. Although I had been looking at the Ford Web site prior to visiting so that probably had something to do with it.

Are you a Floating or Category Supervisor?

I am a Floating Supervisor. I like the freedom of keeping it fresh with different categories to sift through while cleaning up but it might be nice to have a couple of specific categories to help out with as well. A Floating Category Supervisor?

What other badges do you have on

I am a Mentor Graduate and approaching the 5k mark. The contribution level, I can’t run that far.

What is your first name?

Steve, but I answer to “Hey you” as well.

What is your age?

Depends. Did you want the yearly age or the leap year age? :) 41 & 10.

Would you care to tell us about your family?

My father is a mathematics teacher. My mother stayed at home and took care of things, but sadly lost a year and a half fight against cancer of the stomach.

Do you have any pets?

Three street rescued cats that believe that none of the doors where they live should be shut but if they are and they want through it they let you know that you should make haste to open said door.

Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

Southern and Central California. We are close enough to open areas of farming, countryside and mountains where if one needs to get away from the city, crowds and pollution it does not take a long time to get there. The lakes and the river add to the area as well as the fact that I have discovered that gold can be found in the water ways of our county.

Where did you grow up and do you have any special memories of your childhood?

My father took time from a busy schedule to take me places outside of the doldrums of daily life and show me that there were things to do besides watching television. Of course now there is the Internet. :)

What educational information would you like to share?

Associates degree from a technical school.

What are some of your past and/or present occupations?

Sales/Merchandising for Pepsi (PBG), clerking and other duties for a medical legal corporation.

What are your key area(s) of knowledge, interests or expertise?

I seem to have some knowledge in computers which comes in handy since my computer seems to always have problems.

Do you have any collections or hobbies?

Stamps, old coins, listening to local radio traffic such as public safety personnel.

What do you like to do for recreation?, and, if we accidentally make it out the front door, doing outdoor activities such as hiking. Light reading. Amateur photography – it’s amazing the beauty you can capture of things by having the right angle, lighting and timing. Ice Skating. Fixing things around the house. Fixing electronics (fixing is not always a guarantee of the item ending up fully functional). Recently interested in cooking (thanks to a friend that was watching a cooking show and hooked since which should make those I live with a little happier. Fast food only goes so far). Learning things that are not commonly known and learning in general.

What are a few random facts about yourself?

Although I worked for Pepsi I actually prefer Coca-Cola.

What are your special goals or dreams?

If that which controls things deems me fit to win the lotto to be able to give to the community and take care of friends that have helped me in the past and could use the help especially now. To find a job that appreciates hard work and that I am able to excel in.

How would you describe yourself or personality?

Witty, sarcastic and goofy, but serious when need be (so my girlfriend says)

What brought you to

Self help with an auto question. Expected to do a great deal of searching and instead found some information right off the bat for a specific question on a specific automobile.

What kept you coming back to

To learn more about the site, check back on my own questions and I had fun making contributions and was intrigued by what else I could learn.

What is your favorite activity?

Searching through questions and finding out where users try to be slick and hide vandalizing activities. Thank goodness most have not found a couple of areas that I don’t think are checked much.

Top ten reasons why men watch Olympic figure skating.

Last week the Winter Olympics began focusing on many people’s favorite sport… figure skating. It’s like watching beautiful butterflies magically flutter through the air, a miracle of human grace.

…Or something.

Here are the real reasons men watch the Olympic figure skating:

Top ten reasons why men watch Olympic figure skating

  1. You get to say phrases like ‘that was a rough quadruple salchow’ even though you’re not a surgeon.
  2. The blades bring back a secret nostalgia for The Mighty Ducks.
  3. You get to rate the skaters along with the judges, although your points are based on the same scale as
  4. It’s either watching this or Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader – and you know you’re not.
  5. Seeing men in periwinkle spandex reasserts your manhood.
  6. The lifts on ice give you great material for the book you’re working on ‘Kama Sutra Santa.’
  7. There is an evil enjoyment to be had in watching someone trip and fall on ice.
  8. The ratio of the girls’ skirts flying in the air versus covering the booty is 4:1.
  9. You get to watch #7 and #8 get replayed in slow motion.
  10. Hey, you need to associate something positive with The Nutcracker.

An8thg’s Front Porch of Despair

You may know An8thg as the fearless leader of our Vandal Patrol program.  Her dedicated squad removes many thousands of inappropriate answers each week!

The poem below is based on an actual experience she had while wandering the downtown streets of her hometown working on a poetry/photography project.  She had stumbled upon an older home with fantastic architecture that she wanted to photograph for the project.  As she approached the home to take the shot, an entire group of homeless men came crawling out from underneath the house and running past her.   The rest of the story, as it happened, is below.

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

Dignity Under the Front Porch of Despair, by An8thg

They feared her
for a split second
her paled skin
clean and sweet

They feared her
gathering what little they had
and running
but she continued on
without a word
just a smile

‘Do you mind if we watch TV here?’ he asked
gathering his dignity
and oversized clothes
both from round his feet

‘I don’t live there.’
she answered
‘I don’t care.’

He stood for a moment
watching her
and she him
two worlds
by just one paycheck
and a bottle of soap

He curled up
back under the porch
like roaches to darkness
and she followed him
and she feared him
his dark skin
pasty from long, cold nights
gums bleeding
smile vacant

‘May I take your picture?’ she asked
ever so lightly

‘No ma’am, I’m too dirty.’

Learning to share

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Share on Twitter!Try using the new Facebook and Twitter buttons on question pages. It’s a great way to broaden your audience. Share unanswered questions to get them answered faster by people you know. Share answered questions to show off your talent for answering, or just to share laughs about something funny you read. (You can start with our funniest questions.)

Have fun, and get the word out there!

Eight African American heroes you didn’t know about.

As you may have learned in school, read in the news or saw in an ad campaign, February is Black History Month in the United States and Canada. We all know of a few famous black heroes that have altered American history – Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, Barack Obama – but there are so many more who don’t always make it to the forefront of national memory.

So how about learning some new names in honor of Black History Month?

8 African American heroes you didn’t know about

  1. Benjamin Banneker

    The records on Benjamin Banneker (1731–1806) are not the clearest, but what is known is that the man was a free African American astronomer, mathematician, surveyor, almanac author and farmer. Not a combination you find every day, especially in the 1700s.

  2. Mae C. Jemison

    Mae C. Jemison was the first female African American to travel into outer space. On June 4, 1987, she was the first black woman admitted into the U.S. space training program, and flew into outer space on September 12, 1992 with a crew of seven aboard the Endeavour.

  3. Mary McLeod Bethune

    The founder of the National Council for Negro Women, Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955) was one busy woman. She was an unofficial adviser on African American issues to both presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Her focus on education and social activism makes her a hero not only in the United States, but worldwide, as she has been honored in Haiti and Liberia and served as a consultant to the United Nations.

  4. Alan Page

    Talk about multitasking: Alan Page managed to get himself into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after a career in the NFL and admitted as a judge in the Minnesota Supreme Court. Page received his BA in Political Science in 1967 and later his JD in 1978. While attending the University of Notre Dame, he achieved the status of college football All-American. After his graduation, Page was drafted into the NFL, playing for the Minnesota Vikings until 1978 and then the Chicago Bears until 1981. Throughout his entire football career, he amassed multiple honors and awards. While playing football full time, Page also attended law school at the University of Minnesota.

  5. Elijah McCoy

    While there are many who claim to be it, here’s another real McCoy: The Canadian-born son of American fugitive slaves, Elijah McCoy (1843?-1929) made strides in locomotive design and development. Lucky enough to have family connections to Britain, McCoy was able to work for a time as an apprentice in mechanical engineering in Scotland. When the family returned from Canada to the United States, McCoy worked and eventually filed for multiple patents concerning locomotive lubrication.

    In 1975, Detroit celebrated Elijah McCoy Day, made his home the site of a historic marker and named a street after him.

  6. Clara Hale

    Clara Hale, (1905-1992) was also known as Mother Hale – and for very good reason. Hale became a humanitarian through watching poverty and misfortune take its toll first-hand. Widowed with three children during the Great Depression, Hale struggled to get by and keep her kids close. She opened a daycare in her home that led her to become a foster mother and help other parents in dire need. Eventually she opened the Hale House and specialized in caring for drug-addicted babies and later babies infected with AIDS. Hale realized her life’s calling and became the mother to those who had none.

  7. Leroy ‘Satchel’ Paige

    Leroy Paige (1906-1982) was a pitching legend. He had quite the career in the Negro leagues before he was drafted to Major League Baseball in 1948. Paige set records on two fronts: He was the first MLB player to be inducted from the Negro leagues and he was the oldest rookie to play in the major league – at the ‘ripe, old’ age of 42. Paige played in the MLB until he was 47.

    His nickname was “Satchel,” supposedly from a boyhood job when he carried luggage for train passengers.

  8. Garrett A. Morgan

    Garret A. Morgan (1877-1963) is credited for a quite a few achievements. He was an inventor who created a respiratory protective hood that did a similar job as the modern gas mask. He also invented the first human hair-straightener, as well as patented a kind of traffic signal. Morgan reached heroic status for the role of his respiratory hoods in saving workers trapped in a fume-filled tunnel system.

    On a different note, Morgan is also known to be the first African-American in Cleveland who owned an automobile.

There are plenty more stories of inspiration; find your own black heroes from the Black Biographies on ReferenceAnswers.

Oh, were those not the kind of heroes you thought I meant? Then check out The Museum of Black Superheroes.

It’s a bird? It’s a plane? Nah! It’s ADHDSuperHero!

We love us some superheroes over on And our favorite of them all: ADHDSuperHero! Faster than a speeding vandal; more powerful than a spam bot; and able to leap over long words in a single bound…he’s freakin’ unstoppable! A Category Supervisor; a member of both WIT and Community Outreach; a Bronze Contributor; and surpassing 2,000 contributions! He IS the Contributor of Steel.

How did you originally hear about

I didn’t actually hear about per se; more of finding it on the Web while answer hunting. I found quite a few sites like on the Web while looking for some information on cells for my science class. The next thing I know I’m in the great big family that is known as WikiAnswers!

Please explain your user name.

My user name? Well first of all, my real name is Dalamar which has nothing to do with my user name! ADHDSuperHero was something that a very good friend of mine came up with about 3-4 years ago, knowing that I had ADHD. I first used it on a site called Gaiaonline. Ever since then, I have used it with just about everything because I thought “Wow, what a cool name! Much better than Dalamar!”

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the community?

Well first off I’m a secret agent, so I have to have a background job to throw off all the countless villains after my head! I already make millions of bucks from my five-star hotel resort in the Bahamas! Then I said: “Self, volunteer for this place. They need you.” And myself said “FO SHO, why not!” And…BAM! Next thing I know I’m a Supervisor in the midst of blocking countless spammers! >>dramatic effect<< Your wish is my command! So in short I just like to help with a lot of stuff – even when that means helping complete strangers.

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise are a little spread out in a big mushy puddle of skill. (best way to put it) To sum things up, I will try anything. If I’m not good at it, I’ll practice. But the things that I get a lot of “Good jobs” on is in my artwork and artistic mind. I always drew as a kid (making me sound older than what I really am) on my school work, on the desk and on the wall (got in trouble for that one). And when I first started, I knew I was horrible. It just goes to show you though that practice makes better (yeah, not perfect).

What is your favorite feature?

My favorite/favourite feature is just the community of people that are spread literally all over the world – Africa, Australia, UK, Mexico, you name it! Sure there’s going to be the little party pooper here and there but it’s not perfect, and that’s part of what I clean up!

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on

It was answered by Jadeacres and the question was “Who has the smallest cock in the world?” It made for a good read.

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

Random fact # uno- My name Dalamar comes from an evil wizard in a book series called “The Dragon Lance Series.”

Random fact # B (LOL) – The day that Iron Man came out in theatres I skipped school to go see it, but don’t tell anyone now! Okay, I went with my dad to see it, but that still counts as skipping! (I plan on skipping school when Iron Man 2 comes out, too! LOL)

Five Valentine’s Day gift ideas… for men.

Are you a romantic, hopeless or not? Then you must be hyper-actively aware that Valentine’s Day is this Sunday.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 30 years, just started dating or are taking a new lover for the occasion, you have to shop for a gift with the assumption that they’ve seen all the cliches.

Especially if ‘they’ are men.

For years, men have received heart-splattered boxers, red-striped ties, even, gasp, self-made coupons for hugs… So I took the liberty of scanning the Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Q&A to summarize fresh, new gift ideas for your men, as suggested by the community:

Five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

  1. Beef jerky.

    The rationale: “Men love to eat…” They do say the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach. I highly recommend not trying this one on a woman. It would take a special woman to appreciate this gift.

  2. Chocolate.

    Wait – hear me out. Not girly chocolate. Not chocolate shaped like anything except… chocolate. Manly chocolate. Big, giant, jumbo chocolate bars.

    Or, fine, beer.

  3. The three S’s.

    A sandwich, silence while watching TV and…the other ‘s’ word guys want.

  4. Not flowers.

    Don’t do it. Seriously.

  5. Anything autographed.

    Well, mostly anything. Baseball cards. Rock band posters. Anything retro. Vinyl records. Balls of any kind. Get on eBay and make sure it includes the John Hancock of anyone famous. It works for this contributor.

By the way, steer clear of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts… And feel free to comment below with some of your own ideas.

Here are a few other Valentine-related Q&As that will at least raise an eyebrow or two:

Good luck out there.

Five Factoids about tonight’s Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver.

Today marks the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia. This will be Canada’s second Winter Olympics (Calgary hosted in 1988). David Atkins, the director of the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, is the mastermind behind the ceremonies in Vancouver this year.

Although the details of the event are a closely guarded secret, here are a five factoids about this year’s opening ceremonies:

Five Factoids about tonight’s Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver

  1. CanadaNo expense spared.

    Canada spent $40 million for the February 12 opening ceremonies, making it the most expensive opening ceremonies in Winter Olympics history.

  2. Indoors?!

    The 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies will be the first ever to be held indoors. It’s a good thing, because rain is often in Vancouver’s forecast!

  3. Greece takes the lead.

    Because it is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Greece always leads the march of the athletes. After the Greek team, the countries will follow alphabetical order from Albania to Uzbekistan, with the host team, Canada, appearing last.

  4. Clara HughesGo, Clara, go…

    The flag bearer for the Canadian team is Clara Hughes, a cyclist and speed skater and the first athlete to win multiple Olympic medals in both the Summer and Winter games. She won the gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics for the women’s 5000 meter speed skating by 1.01 seconds!

  5. Doves on fire!

    One of the traditions of every Olympic opening ceremony is the release of doves, which symbolize peace. Originally the doves were released before the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. But in the 1988 Seoul Summer Games several doves perched on the cauldron and went up in flames, forcing the International Olympic Committee to change the traditional order. Yikes!

The opening ceremonies are guaranteed to be a spectacle. Tune into NBC at 7:30 p.m. EST or check your local TV listings to catch the Olympic spirit and cheer your country on!

Top 10 fun things to do in the snow.

With the snowpocalypse having blanketed a lot of homes and office places yesterday, you may still be stuck indoors with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Wait, what? Of course you have somewhere to go – outside. In the, you  know, snow. Where there is plenty to do…

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In the Snow

  1. Sledding.

    Whether you are 5 or 55, this tradition is still thrilling as always! So go ahead and grab that sled you have been hiding in the attic and slide down those slippery little slopes. If for some reason you aren’t holding on to that precious little plastic disk from 20 years ago or don’t feel like breaking into your piggy bank, you can use the top of a trash can or a cardboard box with a trashbag around it.

    Does the position of the weight on the sled affect how far the sled goes?

  2. snowmanSnow (wo)man.

    If you don’t think it’s fun, you obviously haven’t done it in awhile. Once you are done piling and packing all that snow, you are the one who gets to put your fashion expertise to work. Finally you have some use for those old maternity clothes…

    How do you build a snowman?

  3. Snow angels.

    You might get a tad bit of snow on you, but that’s the point!

    Check out snow angel photos.

  4. snow ice creamSnow ice cream.

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for SNOW ICE CREAM (except for Frosty…). All you need is 4-5 cups of clean fresh unpacked snow, 1 cup of milk, ½ cup of sugar, and ½ teaspoon of vailla. Stir all the ingredients together except the snow. Once the sugar is dissolved, slowly add in the snow, and wait til it thickens. Delicious and easy! Thanks Mother Nature!

    Recipe for snow ice cream.

  5. Snow ball fight.

    Whether it is just you and your friend, or you gather up some teams, this is a great way to get a work out and have some ‘friendly’ competition in the snow. Warning: if people are sore losers, they might want to refrain from this game.

    Tips for surviving a snow ball fight.

  6. snow tubingSnow tubing.

    If you are lucking enough to come upon a place that has snow tubing – DO IT! I like to call this little thrill snoobing, and let me just say, it is a blast! If you find a place to do this, the tubes will be a bit sturdier and you will definitely go faster. But, this is easy enough to improvise on your own: Just grab a large intertube and snoob away! Warning: Careful not to pop your snoob tube.

    Read more about tubing.

  7. Construction.

    If you are a dedicated worker, I have one word for you: Igloo. Enough said.

    How do you build an igloo?

  8. Ice skating.

    Whether you are going on a first date, meeting up with a friend, or going with a whole group, ice skating can be a great experience in the snow. Take a break and have a cup of hot coco! Is there a better way to feel the essense of a winter wonderland?

    Watch some ice skating videos and get tips.

  9. Snow refrigerator.

    Just nestle your drinks or bowl of jello into the snow and…voila! you have an instant cold treat.

    More on snow refrigerators.

  10. snow ball fightPlay a sport.

    Games such as soccer, football, or capture the flag are a blast in the snow! Not only does it provide a ‘new’ terrain to play on, but if you fall, you have a softer landing. Plus, your drinks will be kept cold due to your snow fridge.

    More snow games.

Have fun! Note: Whatever you do, do not eat the yellow snow.

WikiAnswers is still growing fast.

WikiAnswersIf you’re going to be #2 – why not be #2 after… Facebook?’s WikiAnswers was rated the #2 fastest growing U.S. domain in 2009, right after Facebook. And, hey, that’s ok, since recently implemented Facebook Connect as an option for signing in.

Here’s a little more from the official announcement:

“…according to comScore data… WikiAnswers’ unique monthly visitor count in the U.S. grew 74%(*). This ranks WikiAnswers as the 2nd fastest growing domain in 2009, second only to, of the top 50 U.S. domains in December 2008.”

Bob Rosenschein, Chairman and CEO of, said this about the growth:

“The site’s unique self- reinforcing growth coupled with the efforts of the entire team, have once again brought to the culmination of a very successful year.”

So for the millions of contributors out there – treat yourselves to some chocolate! Even the tiniest edits are building on the amazing, global, growing, collaborative Q&A project that is WikiAnswers.


Ahhh! Clean off your mittens! Stock up on cocoa! Check on your flight departure times!

The snowpocalypse is coming!!!

At least, that’s all I keep hearing about from colleagues and family in the New York region.

If you’re also far off in some warm climate, learn more about what our winter-wary friends are prophesying about: What is the snowpocalypse?

And for those of you stuck on the east coast, here are some tips for surviving the snowpocalypse (take them seriously at your own risk):

  1. Wear all your clothes at the same time.
  2. Stock up on hot cocoa.
  3. Shout how many inches of snow your street has already received.
  4. Take a shot of something warm for every foot of snow the weatherman predicts.
  5. Park your car on top of your house so it isn’t snowed in tomorrow.

And, seriously – if you have any flights scheduled for today, check with the airline before leaving for the airport.

Good luck, my cold-climate friends.

After all – it’s coming and you can’t stop it…


Moving forward, together, at Unconference 2010. is proud to sponsor the Online Community Unconference by Forum One. The event is taking place today in New York City (despite the impending snowpocalypse!) and the theme of this one is: Moving Forward, Together.

Some of the topics at today’s sessions include:

  • Using Community and Collaboration Tools Within the Enterprise
  • Lessons Learned: Pitfalls and Best Practices in Community-Building
  • How to hire community & Social Media staff
For more information, check out the event invite or the FAQ. And if you happen to be attending, say hello to one of the community and product managers who will be attending from

Q&A community abuzz… with Google Buzz.

With the announcement this morning about Google’s taking on the world of sharing via Google Buzz, has created a brand new Google Buzz Q&A category to answer the questions buzzing around inside your head.

Here are a few Q’s to get you started:

The 7 weirdest Olympic sports.

The 2010 Winter Olympics are set to kick off in Vancouver this Friday, featuring 15 winter sports. While that sure is a bag of fun, are you aware of the weirdest Olympic sports of all time? Learn about it below. Oh, and be prepared – a bunch of them involve animals.

The 7 weirdest Olympic sports

  1. biathlonBiathlon.

    Biathlon: Sounds like a contest to see how much biology you know. In general, it’s a sporting term for one event with two disciplines. In relation to the Olympics, it’s a winter sport combining-cross country skiing and… rifle shooting. Yeah… I’ll stay a safe distance away from that one.

  2. pigeon racingPigeon racing.

    Imagine a time when there was no Internet. No Super Bowl. Not even World Wars to look back on. That was the year 1900 – a year when pigeon racing was an Olympic sport.

    And, well, the only year that it was an Olympic sport.

  3. skeletonSkeleton.

    Dare to believe in a whole new take on sledding. No, this is not the Rosebud from your childhood, folks. This is skeleton, a one-man face-down sled race on an ice track. I shudder to think why it’s called skeleton.

  4. skijoringSkijoring.

    How much do you really trust your pet? Would you let Rover take the lead while attached to him with a rope… on skis? That’s skijoring, and it’s ski-aring the bejesus out of me. In the 1928 Winter Olympics it was a demonstration sport, using horses.
  5. Curling.


    Curling, to me, sounds like it should mean something completely different – like some kind of salon Olympics. It’s anything but: the game involved two four-person teams sliding heavy stones towards a circle drawn at either end of an ice court. It originated in Scotland; somehow that makes sense.

  6. handball fieldHandball.

    You may be familiar with handball as a school recess favorite, but an older version of the game known as field handball did play a role as a sport in the 1936 Summer Olympics. It even had six teams contesting.

  7. korfballKorfball.

    Korfball is a version of netball played in outer space… Kidding! It is, however, a mixed-gender version of netball played in 57 countries. It was a demonstration sport in the 1920 and 1928 Olympic games. Each team consists of four men and four women… but no mixed duels! Keep it clean, kids.

Too close for missiles, I’m switching to words.

The sky is a little bit closer now that the 250+ titles on ReferenceAnswers include an Illustrated Dictionary of Aviation.

The new reference book provides definitions and illustrations for the entire spectrum of aviation: aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, aircraft equipment and maintenance, aerial photography, avionics and more.

So where else are you going to learn the science of the reflex camber, check out an illustration of an absolute angle of attack, or learn that ‘eyelid’ is a term for… wait, what?

Three Cheers for 4Jays!

Once upon a very long time ago, I was a cheerleader. And of course, everyone knows it’s the job of a cheerleader to pump up the crowd and get them standing on their feet. So pull out your pom poms and get ready to cheer for this week’s Featured Contributor: Give me a J. Give me a J. Give me a J. Give me a J. No. I haven’t gone wacky for the letter J. I’m just giddy because this Contributor Corner rock star is 4Jays (Get it?). He’s a Floating Supervisor, Gold Contributor and Mentoring Program graduate who once worked at Walt Disney World as a monorail driver! Wut wut? Yep. Read on for more:

What is your user name and the history behind it?

4Jays refers to the first names of my family members: Jeff (me), Julie (wife) and two daughters, Jessica and Jennifer. Once we started with the J’s there was no turning back!

What is your first name?


What is your age?


Would you care to tell us about your family?

Wonderful wife and two lovely daughters.

Do you have any pets?

Two Westies (Scruffy and Sophie) and a cat (Stormy).

Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

We live in Maryland, about 20 miles from Washington, D.C. Our families are all within an hour’s driving time, and that’s a great thing, especially around the holidays.

Where did you grow up and do you have any special memories of your childhood?

I was born in Frankfurt, West Germany and lived in Munich for about three years before coming to the U.S. in 1961.

What educational information would you like to share?

I attended James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

What are some of your past and/or present occupations?

I once worked at Walt Disney World – I was a monorail driver. Ever since, I’ve joked with my subsequent employers that I’ve gone from one Mickey Mouse organization to another. I became a police officer and served 22 years, retiring in 2004 as a commander. I took one week off, then took a job at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland where I still work.

What are your key area(s) of knowledge, interests or expertise?

I have a love of all things automotive and an interest in movies, television and the Internet. I enjoy proofreading and seem to have a knack for it which I try to put to good use on

Do you have any collections or hobbies?

Cars and computers are my hobbies.

What do you like to do for recreation?

Swim and travel

What are a few random facts about yourself?

6’4″ tall. I memorized Pi to 22 places in grade school to get extra credit for a class. I remember it to this day.

Do you have any special talents you’d like to share?

I am an emergency vehicle driving instructor, scuba diver and writer.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

My family.

What are your special goals or dreams?

Continue to move up in my workplace and retire in good health.

How would you describe yourself or personality?

Outgoing with good humor.

What brought you to

I began when I looked for an answer, then found myself correcting grammar and spelling errors. After a while I received an email from asking if I’d like to be a Supervisor, based upon my contributions.

What keeps you coming back to

It’s very satisfying to contribute to providing helpful information to such a large and diverse audience. I have much to learn about the intricacies of being a good Supervisor but I look forward to the challenge. Additionally, there have been some great folks here who have been very supportive and helpful to me.

What is your favorite activity?

Correcting grammar and spelling errors and providing informative answers whenever I can.