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TechCrunch reports:

Exclusive: Gets 200,000 Video Answers From 5Min

Every big publisher on the Web wants to be able to serve up ad-friendly videos, but creating them can be a pain. But there are already plenty of high-quality videos out there in every subject imaginable. With that in mind, has quietly launched Video Answers with about 200,000 videos from video distribution network 5min on everything from home repair and fashion tips to cars and travel. Videos consists of up to 200,000 videos in over 200 categories. The videos come to from 5min Media, which has syndicated videos on the site for over a year – you’ve probably seen them in ReferenceAnswers topic pages, embedded between other content sources.

This new video library, directly accessible at, includes tips, how-to guides and visual demonstrations from experts across hundreds of fields. Categories include the likes of Product ReviewsGreen LivingTravel Tips, and Diet & Nutrition.

We’re pretty sure CEO Bob Rosenschein speaks on behalf of the entire content team when he says: “Our mission is to offer answers about anything, accessible on a range of platforms and formats. 5min Media provides us the opportunity to offer answers in video form in addition to our community-generated and reference content. Now delivers the answers best displayed with instructional visuals – like how to create ringtones for your iPhone or how to make the perfect steak.”

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