Calling all Chrome users: Click any word on your screen!

I want you to close your eyes…

Now imagine that you are sitting on the beach, reading an article on your laptop. You come across a word in an article you’re not familiar with. You hold down a key and double-click any word on the screen, and you get background information on that word – instantly. offers a non-invasive way to learn more about what you’re reading – first on your desktop, then for IE, followed by Firefox, and now on Chrome:

With, you can get instant definitions, background information, images and more when you hold the Ctrl key (Windows/Linux) or Alt key (Mac) and double-click any word in your browser. A small ‘information bubble’ will appear over the word you’ve clicked. You can easily close the bubble when you’re finished, or click ‘Read more’ to go to the full page on

Ready to get started? Go to the install page for the Chrome extension.

Also, stop using your laptop on the beach.

13 thoughts on “Calling all Chrome users: Click any word on your screen!

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