Fall Frenzy AnswerThon: Win up to $300 for showing off what you know!

Fall Frenzy AnswerThon Blog BannerHow many questions can you answer in 48 hours?

Join us and find out! The 2013 Fall Frenzy AnswerThon is an Answers™ contest, rewarding the individuals who answer the most unanswered questions in a 2-day period.  It will be held November 23rd-24th, and there are $2,000 in Amazon gift cards and merchandise to award to 28 winners!

It’s easy to win! In fact, if you answer just 10 questions, you’re automatically entered in a drawing to win an Amazon gift card.

Sign up today!!

Check out previous AnswerThon winners rewards:

1st place: $200 Amazon card (+$100 FB connect bonus)
Xnicola (1120 answers) – $200 Amazon card

2nd place: $150 Amazon card (+50 FB connect bonus)
Supervisor – Aggie80 (980 answers) – $200 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]
Contributor – Quizzical Mind (859 answers) – $200 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]

3rd place: $100 Amazon card (+$25 FB connect bonus)
Supervisor – Skullcandy88 (685 answers) – $125 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]
Supervisor – Fixit895 (442 answers) – $100 Amazon card
Supervisor – Natural Val (440 answers) – $125 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]
Supervisor – Peakaytea (375 answers) – $100 Amazon card
Contributor – Radioactivesmurf (694 answers) – $125 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]
Contributor – JayJayVay (442 answers) – $125 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]
Contributor – Janitha Hashan (406 answers) – $125 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]

4th place: $50 Amazon card (+$25 FB connect bonus)
Supervisor – Mannydlr (258 answers) – $75 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]
Supervisor – Dfoofnik (256 answers) – $50 Amazon card
Contributor – Kedar bc (249 answers) – $75 Amazon card [FB connect bonus]
Contributor – Desdichado (246 answers) – $50 Amazon card

Runner-ups: Answers Merchandise
Nurudeen Ahmed
Lakeshia Plum
DrAshok Deshmukh

RANDOM WINNERS who won Amazon gift cards by answering at least 10 questions:
Cyberchief (132 answers)- $50 Amazon card [$25 FB connect bonus]
Whistlejacket (24 answers) – $50 Amazon card [$25 FB connect bonus]
Basstrom18 (10 answers) – $25 Amazon card
SummerMaple (121 answers) – $25 Amazon card
Azurite (18 answers) – $50 Amazon card [$25 FB connect bonus]

Top 10 Reasons to Throw a BBQ

The sun is Blazing, the  blades of Grass are poking through the ground and you’ve finally busted out the flip flops. Summer is here and there is only one way to celebrate in this sweltering heat; Throw a BBQ! We all know that attending  ‘outdoor grilling parties’  are delicious and fun, so why not take the initiative and throw your own Kickin’ partaay?!

Top 10 Reasons to throw a BBQ:

  1. There’s no snow and no rain?!
  2. You’ve watched 6 straight months of Food Network… and it’s NOT going to waste.
  3. Patriotism. You may not have fought in Afghanistan, but honor your countrymen by biting into an all American pork rib. Go USA!
  4. It’s winter in Australia…Sucks to be you!
  5. When else will you be able to show off  your 1987 ‘Crocodile Mile’ -still intact!
  6. You’ve always wanted to try making that American flag cake on the Cool Whip commercials…
  7. Hot dog buns were on sale.
  8. You’ve been inactive on Facebook for a while, and people are starting to wonder…
  9. Vodka and watermelon…20 second dessert and ice breaker all-in-one.
  10. You get to send an evite with that picture of you looking buff in Costa Rica.

Take Your Dog to Work

Everyday it’s the same ole’ routine.  You leave for work, and return home. Leave for work, home again. What may seem like a mundane routine to you, is actually torture for your pooch. Your canine will most likely whine and sob until the moment you reunite.

Fortunately, that feeling won’t last too long. Once he hears your returning footsteps, it’s on!  The doorknob turns, your dog’s face lights up.  A frenzy ensues; he is so ecstatic to see you, his pounding  heart may just explode.  Is this not true love?

By dinner time all pain is forgotten. Your pet holds no grudges.  In fact, dogs rarely complain; and it’s not because we can’t understand woof, it’s because dogs are man’s best friend. Loyal and giving, down to a T. The least we can do, as dog owners, is allow our canine BFFs a glimpse into our workspace;  show them  what it is that we do all day while they remain at home heavy-hearted. Therefore, let us honor ‘Take your Dog to work Day.’

On June 24th, you will be granted  the honor of having your dog escort you to work!  You may need to request permission from ‘Le boss’ and prepare your cubicle for a furry guest… so plan ahead!
Which dogs will you most likely see?  Here are the top ten pet dog breeds in the US for 2010:

  1. Retriever (Labrador) – Trustworthy and smart, they are angels encased in fur.
  2. Retriever (Golden) - Synonymous with loyalty; I dare you to read  old Yeller without shedding a tear.
  3. Yorkshire Terrier – Even the Wicked Witch of the West had to get her hands on one.
  4. German Shepherd Dog – Dedicated companion and more energized than a triple venti macchiato.
  5. Boxer- Sculpted, vigilant and poised with his head held high, he’s your proud military son.
  6. Poodle - Allergic to fur?  No undercoat means no problem! These canines sport ‘hair’.
  7. Shih Tzu- With a pushed in face and a swagger in their walk, mama will give you whatever you want!
  8. Bulldog – All bark and no bite, bulldogs will more likely get an asthma attack then attempt any harm.
  9. French Bulldog- Same as above, only snobbier and with an accented woof.
  10. Chihuahua - Fits in your purse and reminds you of tacos, can’t go wrong with this one.


An even better Q&A source than Answers.com.

Not gonna lie – Answers.com has a pretty extensive and well-answered Relationships Q&A category. Not too shabby in the Spelling category, either.

But, admittedly, there is one guru who does it better than we could ever hope to. And he even has his own Questions and Answers show: Ask Oscar.

That’s Oscar the Grouch, the lovable curmudgeon with ‘all the answers to all your questions!’ Give it a watch (and learn about the letter X).

Tell us: What’s the first thing you do on Answers.com?

New day, new answers. Or maybe it’s: new day, new questions. Then again, it might be: new day, new category.

Hey, I don’t know what the first thing you do is when you get to Answers.com – that’s why I’m asking it here!

[poll id="6"]

Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments. It helps us to know what your experience is like – so we can make it even better.

Thanks for sharing!

Vandal Patrol and Community Outreach celebrate two years.

Spread the kudos around! Two of Answers.com’s community programs deserve a congrats for reaching their two-year anniversaries today: Vandal Patrol and Community Outreach.

A word from their coordinators, please!

From Apryl, Vandal Patrol Coordinator:

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to the Vandal Patrol and all of its wonderful members! Vandals Beware!

From Robin, Community Outreach Coordinator:

Much thanks to everyone for their support of Community Outreach and to our awesome WikiGuides for their efforts in spreading inspiration, goodwill and happiness throughout the Answers.com community we all know and love so well. It’s been a wonderful two years and we’re looking forward to even better times ahead. Let’s keep on keeping on!

Thank you to all the dedicated contributors who volunteer their time and effort to make those programs the wild successes they are.

So, interested in joining? Click the name of the coordinator above and get in touch.

And ‘Dash’ they did: Answers.com takes Central Park.

As of this weekend, there’s a whole new meaning to ‘follow us for the answers…’

The Answers.com staff are very proud of our speedy colleagues, who made it across the finish line at NYC’s Dash & Splash yesterday. Denise (Graphic Design), Shaya (Product Management) and Julie (Answers.com Francais) ran the 10k race through Central Park, displaying Answers.com pride (and drinking plenty of water):

Shaya, Julie and Denise smile for the paparazzi post-race. After months of training, they did great time: 1:22, 1:19, 1:11 respectively.

Follow them for the answers… and people did! Well, it was a race.

Shaya says that post-Dash, she’s going to continue running; with such a great victory pose, why let it go to waste?

The weather was hot, the spray stations were refreshing, but Denise was the coolest of all – doesn’t she make it look so simple?

Feeling inspired? Get some running tips from Answers.com contributors:

NYC’s Dash & Splash is gonna get Answer’d!

Here at Answers.com, we feel like we are constantly running and running (cue the Black Eyed Peas) – creating new ideas, releasing features, making answers happen…

So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that our very own Denise (Graphic Design), Shaya (Product Management) and Julie (Answers.com Francais) decided to take that energy and apply it to… actually running – for the New York Road Runners Dash & Splash!

It’s a 10k ‘dash’ happening in New York City’s Central Park tomorrow morning, followed by the ‘splash’  at Lasker Pool. Post-race festivities will take place nearby. You can see more info here.

If you’re in the area, go check it out – and look for the ladies in the Answers.com shirts!

Orange cake never looked so good…

Our famous pair of Canadian WikiNeighbors are at it again…

This week, Supervisor Jadeacres received an Orange Guy cake baked by Thatwouldbme for his birthday. The flags on the cake have the usernames of 30 of his friends on Answers.com.

So now I have a question: How does orange frosting taste?

And on a separate note, I sense a contest idea brewing…

Gregg sets a fine example.

Fun news! Mentoring Program Coordinator Gregg Answerton, I mean, Anderton, I mean Ganderton, has been providing the Mentors and Proteges with presentations as teaching aids for Supervisor-only features.

And guess where the prezo for Batch Recategorize ended up? On the front page of the Slideshare How-To & DIY section!

Batch Recat featured on Slideshare!

Because it is only temporary, here is the link to the slideshow itself: Batch Recategorize on Answers.com.

A Plethora of Incredibleness on Answers.com

There is a plethora of evidence to support the fact that Plethora is an amazing Answers.com Supervisor and contributor. With over 15,000 contributions – including 750 awesome answers – Plethora is the kind of contributor that makes us want to sing in the rain, catch fireflies through fields of clover…paint pictures of monarch butterflies on the sides of our cars! Okay…we really just want to share how wonderful she is. Enjoy reading this plethora of incredibleness!

What is your Answers.com user name and the history behind it?

My Answers.com user name is Plethora. Years ago I saw a nice butterfly pic on the Internet and, when I saved it, its default file name was plethora. That is when I started using Plethora as my pen name. I also named my daughter Plethora.

Are you a Floating or Category Supervisor?

I am a Category Supervisor of the Filipino Language and Culture category.

What is your first name?

Mark Melody Joy

What is your age?

I am 27-years-old.

Would you care to tell us about your family?

I am the second child. I have one sister and one brother, but my parents separated and now have families of their own. On my father’s side, I have two more sisters and on my mom’s, two siblings. I am married and blessed with a 5-year-old smart girl.

Do you have any pets?

Right now, no. But before I used to keep kittens, cats…when I would see them on the road, I would bring them home. :)

Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

I am staying now in Bangkok, Thailand since January 1st of this year. I am working as a teacher. I must like the area (LOL); if not, I would be buying a plane ticket for the next flight back to the Philippines (kidding)! Seriously, there is not a lot of difference here from the Philippines. So it has not been hard to adjust to the place or the weather.

Where did you grow up and do you have any special memories of your childhood?

I grew up in the Philippines! My hometown is in Laguna. Hmmm. I cannot think of any special childhood memory. :(

What educational information would you like to share?

I took BS Info Technology. I am undergraduate in college, and then I took and was able to finish a Caregiver Vocational Course.

What are some of your past and/or present occupations?

My first two jobs I was a customer assistant in computer cafes. Later I worked in a supermarket for promotions only, as a customer service representative at a call center and a Quality Control Agent in another call center (where I was promoted to an Escalation Agent). My present job is a K1 teacher.

What are your key areas of knowledge, interests or expertise?

I believe I am quite good with computers. Here’s a story. When I got my first job in a computer cafe, I knew nothing about computers. I had no interest in them. I intentionally didn’t review for the entrance exam at a university, because my sister wanted me to take BS in Computer Science, and as expected I failed the exam. I also never attended my computer class in high school. But when I got my first job, I had no choice but to use and like computers. And so I learned on my own. The cafe had so many books about computer programming. Within two years of working there, I started computer tutorials, Web page design, making animations and programming. I am also into writing poems, drawing and painting.

Do you have any collections or hobbies?

When I was in high school, I collected Hanson Brother posters, cassette tapes and CDs. Now, what I am keeping are some hard copies of my poems and my drawings.

What do you like to do for recreation?

I just go on the Internet and play Flood It! But it is not as good as signing into Answers.com! It’s the best kind of recreation ever…when you sit on your laptop and answer questions, merge questions, split, ask questions and learn from facts and answers!

Do you have any special talents you’d like to share?

Nothing really special. I can sing, play guitar, dance, draw and write…but I’ll only rate myself a 5 in all of those talents!

What accomplishments are you proud of?

Becoming a part of PenMen Writings, an international poetry site.

What are your special goals or dreams?

I want to buy a house. I want to be home with my family…(sighs).

How would you describe yourself or personality?

I am a quiet type of person. I’m more of a listener. I am a dreamer, a perfectionist but not perfect, hehe.

What brought you to Answers.com?

In my last call center job, we used ReferenceAnswers for references. That’s when I found out about WikiAnswers. And then a friend, an office mate, noticed me answering questions so she suggested that I sign up. Later she recommended me as Floating Supervisor and that was that…I became addicted! Unfortunately when the IT staff noticed that I spent most of my time on WikiAnswers, they blocked the site. Tsk tsk tsk. :-(

What keeps you coming back to Answers.com?

At first I found it amazing when I discovered good answers to my questions and reading the opinions from different community members. But when I became a Category Supervisor, that’s when I realized that it is more of the concern that you feel for the site. You will feel that responsibility even though you’re not obliged to do so. It is like the feeling of being a mother knowing your responsibility to raise your child, and honestly, it feels bad when I get busy and don’t have time to visit the site.

What is your favorite Answers.com activity?

Merging – because of the many Tagalog questions in the category that I am Supervising. Some Filipinos must not realize that there is a Tagalog version of WikiAnswers for their Tagalog questions. I also love deleting bad answers. :D

Premier Answerers now on Facebook

Premier Answerer Premier Answerers, some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated contributors on Answers.com, now have a home away from home. You can keep up with them now in their new Facebook fan page. Whether you’re a current PA or you’re just in awe of their expertise, become a fan of our Premier Answerers today!

We’ll be highlighting new additions to the Premier Answerer team, showcasing fabulous answers, and introducing a new Awesome Answerer each week. This weeks honoree is none other than Mebrg who volunteers as an online counselor with the AARP Tax-Aide program. With the tax deadline approaching check out this great answer of theirs!

Announcing: Blog name change.

To all our faithful (and not faithful, and angry, and hungry) readers,

We here at no.stupid.answers pride ourselves on our ability to look past the surface of any answer and find the spark of genius that resides deep down in the heart of it. We have been doing it for nearly three years, and it has been wonderful.

But a time comes when even the most optimistic and forgiving blog writers have to throw in their keyboards and admit: there are stupid answers. A lot of them.

So we’re hereby changing the name of this blog to: alotta.stupid.answers. We know this will offend, and for the next 24 hours, we don’t really care.

- The management

P.S. Happy April 1st.

Spring Cleaning contest results are in

We came…  We saw…  We edited…  To the tune of over 23,500 unanswered question edits this past weekend!  Thanks to all who participated in the 2010 Spring Cleaning contest.  The winners in each tier were HisPowr4U (with an amazing 3,855 edits!) and Fourthfrench.  They will each receive a $300 Amazon.com gift card.

The 2nd place finishers included Fuzzy Logic, Wonderful Wanda, Yourchasehelpers, Cotton C Doyle and Em1989 who have each earned a $200 gift card.  A full list of all top finishers and runners up is now available.

Preparation is underway for our next fun contest so watch this space for details about it in the near future!

JoyceP’s contributions make headlines!

Newsflash! Answers.com’s very own JoyceP, a star Supervisor, Senior Mentor and WIT Advisor, had a write-up about her in The Franklin Sun, a Winnsboro, LA, newspaper. A bit of the feature about Joyce is below:

[Joyce] Parker joined the Wiki family in 2008 where she was quickly promoted through the ranks to become a supervisor and mentor to other contributors. Parker received two WAmmy Awards for Best Answer of the Year and Best Advice Answer of the Year during her first year.

In 2009, she won Answer of the Year to the question: “What are the signs of child abuse and how can you help the abused child to overcome the harm it has caused?” She also received a WAmmy Award for Best Advice Answer to the question: “How do you explain to young children that their parents are getting divorced to make the transition as easy on them as possible?”

Parker resides in Winnsboro with her husband and two pugs, Sadie Mei and Sophie Linh; and two boxers, Ben and Maddy. When she's not researching for WikiAnswers.com, Parker enjoys cake decorating, photography and going to the movies. (source)

The awards the article is alluding to are the WAmmys, and you can see the complete listing of 2009′s winners here.

JoyceP in The Franklin Sun.