Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day – #CMAD!

For Community Gurus around the globe the fourth Monday in January marks a very special date. It’s Community Manager Appreciation Day! This is the day when we get to say “Thanks!”, “You Rock!” or simply “Woot!” to those who spend their days on the front lines of online communities.

As Jeremiah Owyang (Community Genius and Web Strategist Extraordinaire) points out, we love what we do and will keep fighting the good fight – but man there are days when it’s just not easy. Like the Energizer Bunny, we take some serious hits but keep on running. That’s why it’s important to stop and acknowledge those who advocate for the people, by the people and truly are, of the people.

Have you thanked your Community Guru today?

(Thanks to the Managers, Coordinators, Assistants and everyone else willing to take a hit in the name of Community. We appreciate all that you do.)