New trivia added to blufr!

There are thousands of blufs (or trivia bits) that make up’s social trivia game blufr, and in the past couple months we’ve added hundreds more. So if you were worried about reaching the end of a category – or the entire game – get back into it!

Also stay tuned for more categories coming. Discover fun facts and pick up trivia to share next time you find yourself in an awkward conversation. Hey, blufr has many uses!

Here are some of the newbies; way or no way (click to get the answers):

Wanna play blufr? Get it on the web, iPhone or Facebook.



blufr’s Facebook app: no better way to procrastinate.

Played blufr on the web? Played blufr on the iPhone or iPod Touch? It’s time to play blufr directly on Facebook.

I know, I’m being a bit of an enabler here. There are so many ways to procrastinate your work, why add one more? Because it’s directly on Facebook, where you’re already hanging out anyway (let’s  face it).

So, if you’re wondering whether it’s true or false that eggplant comes in different colors… There’s one more place to go to play and find out.

Go the blufr application page on Facebook and click ‘Get application’ below the profile picture. Get even more hooked by inviting friends to join, right from the first screen. Apologies in advance for all the work you won’t get done…

What’s new in Version 1.2.

blufr’s iPhone version 1.2 has been released and updated in iTunes! Here’s the list of new features you’ll find:

  • Send your own custom-written blufs
  • bluf-o-grams – to friends and enemies…
  • Play without registering on Facebook or Twitter…
  • Track your progress and friends on the scoreboard…
  • Report blufs for errors in spelling, factuality, and fairness…

…and other minor improvements.

Get the updated version!

blufr: Not your mama’s trivia game.

Did you know?

You didn’t? Well, maybe that’s because none of it is true…

Or is it?

Introducing blufr, the addictive social trivia game from blufr is not your mama’s jeopardy. Think of it as the place where all the bizarre, odd, random, crazy, funny information from gets spiced up and clamped down into bite-size pieces of trivia – which you can decide are true (way!) and which are false (no way!).

And you have to do it better than your friends if you’re going to make it to the top.

It’s a multi-platform game, currently available on the web and for the iPhone (download the iPhone app to your iPhone or iPod Touch). A Facebook app is coming soon.

Want more?


Boxing champion Mike Tyson has a tattoo of tennis star Arthur Ashe.

Way or No way? Play to find out!

A new way to spice up your WikiAnswers experience.

So I have this new game I play when I feel like contributing to WikiAnswers but can’t commit to a certain activity.

Basically, I go to the WikiAnswers Help Center which is always accessible from the blue Tools Menu. I click on WikiAnswers Extras, the last section of the list, and the first item of the drop down menu is “Jump to a random question.”

Does your mouse have a middle click? I middle-click that first bullet and a new tab opens in my browser (I use Firefox). It’s a random question from across the entire site. I see what could be cleaned up for that Q&A:

  • Recategorize?
  • Edit the question wording/spelling?
  • Edit the answer for grammar and spelling?
  • Add an answer?
  • …and so forth…

This keeps me entertained FOREVER. Except when I’m writing these blog posts, of course. It’s a whole new level of addiction.

Go on, try it.

What is a 6 letter word with e as the fifth letter?

In life, sometimes you don’t always get the answers you want. Here is an example:

What is a 6-letter word with ‘e’ as the fifth letter?

Stop trying to cheat in Scrabble, punk! Cheating in games is for losers… sore losers, that is. And young children with low self esteem. Come on: think of the word on your own, get those extra bonus points and feel good about it, or suck it up.

There’s your answer. You disgust me.

*The answer is “letter.” Duh. Six letters. E. Go away.