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We love social media here at And with 33,000+ fans on our Facebook page, we’re pretty sure you do too. But did you know we have Facebook pages set up for every language and community group on This week we added two new ones to the list: WikiAnswers Influential Teens (WIT) and Tagalog.

You can find our main Facebook page here and follow our Twitter feed of titillating trivia here. Here is a full list of our Facebook pages and a sample of what you will find there. Go ahead, tell us you like us! Facebook Pages

Answers takes Manhattan!

Whether in the forums, on the message boards or through email, many of you have interacted with members of our community team. We practically live online but every once in awhile we get together IRL. The team gathered last week for an employee summit in New York City for some meetings and offline fun. Here’s a photo of the whole gang.

We had lots of fun, but the week wasn’t all shenanigans. It was also filled with tons of brainstorming sessions to figure out ways to improve your experience. We’re looking forward to sharing those features with you in the coming months!

Some of you might recognize familiar faces in this crowd, but just in case, here’s a list of the some of the amazing community team members.

Our mascot the Orange Guy also tagged along for the trip. Here’s a photo of him enjoying Times Square.

p.s. Do you follow Orange Guy on Facebook? He’s been traveling a lot lately — China, Costa Rica, and of course he was with us last week in the Big Apple!

The House Party: NOT password-protected!

Hey ya’ll!

Just a quick reminder that our House Party is this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. We’re celebrating our new remodeled digs with drinks, food and fun. And by fun we mean free booze and a gadget raffle!

A certain social networking site you may have heard of is hosting their own new office party this week too. But get this: you have to pass a test to get in! Our shindig ain’t like the Ivy League – you won’t find guest lists or bouncers. Everyone’s invited – friends, family, neighbors… Hey, even your hairdresser can tag along. Word has it that even some of’s venerable Supervisors are showing up!

So cancel your plans to watch The Office (it’s a rerun anyway!) and head on over to our office! See ya there… House Party
237 West 35th Street, Suite 1103
New York, NY 10001
6:30 to 10 p.m.

P.S. Can’t make it? Send us virtual love!

Orange cake never looked so good…

Our famous pair of Canadian WikiNeighbors are at it again…

This week, Supervisor Jadeacres received an Orange Guy cake baked by Thatwouldbme for his birthday. The flags on the cake have the usernames of 30 of his friends on

So now I have a question: How does orange frosting taste?

And on a separate note, I sense a contest idea brewing…

The Orange Guy on Facebook: Tag your inner Orange!

You’ve met the Orange Guy. Now meet his whole community! His crazy aunt Betty, his hippie older sister, the detective he hired 2 years ago… They’re all here and waiting to be uploaded to your Facebook so you can tag your friends, or select the one you identify with most and use it as your avatar. Orange people avatars

Click the image to get to the Facebook version and share the Orange Guy grid on your profile and tag your friends. You can also save it, select an Orange Guy and re-upload it to use it wherever you feel like expressing your inner orange!

From the brilliant mind at Jester Arts Illustrations.

Paint the town orange!

The Orange Guy.

You’ve seen him grace the pages of in his various costumes, roles and forms. You’ve seen his friends parade around the Community: Decoded page, displaying the kinds of programs and positions you can join on the site.

And today, the Orange Guy (the brainchild of renowned illustrator, Leo Blanchette) has officially joined the family. Did you know he began his career here as an icon for a quick promo ad? That was his lucky break, since he has since evolved into one of the most memorable images on the sites.

A little bit of background:

Name: Orange Guy
Location: Everywhere the community goes
Current profession: The Community Mascot
Past professions: Pirate, Mailman, Secret Agent, Racecar driver, Chef, Scientist, Writer…
Hobbies: Helping community members around ReferenceAnswers and WikiAnswers.

Read up on the rest of the Orange Guy’s biography and get to know him and his creator, Leo Blanchette, who said “he came up with the idea over two years ago while driving 30 miles to work. After running out of gas and walking 2 miles to the nearest gas station he got serious about the concept.”

Well, whatever works. As Leo says, “Paint the town orange!”