Happy Birthday President Obama!

So the President of the United States is a Leo, eh?

President Barack Obama turns 48 today. He was born on August 4, 1961, making Leo his astrological sign.

So what is his horoscope today? According to horoscope.com:

“Birthdays may only come once a year, but this year, every day may feel like your birthday as you are in a cycle of renewal and possibility. Doors may be opening for you now that have been closed for a long time. Your only job is to stay open and notice the opportunities that are available to you…”

I wonder if the President believes in the Zodiac…

In any case, wishing President Obama a very happy birthday – and for the sake of all of us – a successful 49th year!

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WikiAnswers: getting presidential these days.

You turn on the news, and you just can’t stop hearing all those names: Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden… They are everywhere, and the rumors are flying.

It could only mean one thing: It’s time to brush up on your presidential election knowledge before November rolls around.

Which is why WikiAnswers has a bunch of new categories that will serve as your official place to ask and answer questions concerning the U.S. presidential election in November: the candidates, the issues and more.

Here’s a quick ‘site map’ of all the elections and current issues categories available:

A big week for WikiAnswers bloggers.

This past week bloggers have been busier than usual in their WikiAnswers research for the sake of their posts. It’s nice to see such a wide variety of topics being covered, too. Shockingly, this time, I didn’t find any fears about animal takeovers.