Announcing: New and improved fan badges!

Could your profile use some sprucing? Do you want to share your Answers pride elsewhere on the interwebs? Then you gotta check out our newly designed, fresh off the presses, fan badges! Our graphic designer, Denise, has outdone herself again. Sleek shapes, bright colors, quirky characters — it might be impossible to pick just one!

Grab the code for your favorite badge here. Then go ahead, don’t be shy. Stick them on your profile page, stick them on your blog, stick them on your best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s dog!

The code for the badges is set up to link to the homepage. But should you want to drive traffic to those amazing answers of yours, you can link directly to your profile page from the badge. Find out how here. You wouldn’t want all your wiki work to go unnoticed now, would you?

Need help adding images to your profile page? Check out the answer to How do you add photos or images to your profile? for step-by-step instructions. Here are a few of the new designs. Click on over to our fan badge page to see (and collect!) all seven.

Show your face! Add your avatar on

Time for a profile makeover! No, I don’t mean the silhouette of your actual face. I mean getting your avatar on your profile.

Why show your face? Well, aside from the fact that it helps build your profile and establish a trustworthy reputation across the site, avatars will play a key role in some upcoming community features.

In that case, I recommend going from this:

To this:

So, how do you get the avatar on there? The trick is to connect your existing account with one of the five offered social IDs: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google or LinkedIn. Once you connect your account, your avatar and profile URL are pulled in from the social ID’s site. For instance, if you choose Facebook, your profile picture from Facebook will be pulled in as your avatar, and you’ll have a link to your Facebook page on your profile.

In three simple steps:

  1. Sign in to with your username and go to My Settings.
  2. Under ‘Connect your account,’ click the social ID you’d like to connect with your existing account.
  3. Go to My Profile and check it out!

If you don’t have an account or username yet, it’s actually even simpler.

Just click one of  the social ID icons above the log in area to connect and sign in within seconds.

From then on, you’ll only need to click the same social ID button to sign into

Your existing avatar will be pulled to your new profile, as well as a link to your profile on that other account. You can add all the other details as well by editing your profile on It looks like this:

Here are some helpful tips on this topic:

  • If you’ve changed your avatar on the other social ID site since connecting with, and you want to change it on too, simply disconnect the accounts on My Settings, and then reconnect.
  • If the first time you signed up for was through a social ID, and you want to link it to an existing account, you can still do that by going to My Settings.
  • Just because you have your Facebook link in your profile, doesn’t mean all users can see your Facebook profile. That is still dependent on your Facebook privacy settings.
  • Read on about signing in and connecting accounts in the Help Center.
  • More information on building a good reputation on can be found here.