Separation of Love and State

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this one, so I’m just gonna play it straight: How do you get closure on or get back with your ex when the state has put a restraining order between you both? (Which makes me wonder… If you have a restraining order on a person, can you even contact them?)

What if you suspect a little marital infidelity? Can you get a restraining order on your wife’s boyfriend? The answer is you can keep him away (from you and from your wife) if you can justify it in front of a judge. But be careful to play your cards right – in some states, her paramour might be able to file back at you in some states.

Elsewhere in WikiAnswers land, someone must have been really sick of babka and cheek-pinching to have asked, Can I get a restraining order against Grandmother? If you’re aiming for a heart attack, honey, a fake restraining order will do. And unless she’s truly dangerous, try talking to her.

Some of these questions sound amusing out of context, but restraining orders – though temporary – are serious business. Courts issue restraining orders to protect a person from physical pain or injury (or threat of pain or injury). They are free, can be issued on the spot, and you don’t need a lawyer to get one.

If you are looking for legal information about how to apply for a restraining order, the Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut has a comprehensive guide.

For those of you who aren’t ready to take legal action but are still curious about getting that extra mile or two of personal space, here are some more facts about restraining orders:

How has courting changed throughout the years?

Spring fever, anyone? Before you start running around searching for dates, read this week’s edition of WikiAnswers Wednesday to understand how the courting process has evolved.

How has courting changed throughout the years?

Actually, except for a few minor details, it hasn’t. Note the following:

Exhibit A: Neanderthal Age

Boy meets girl. Boy grunts. Girl rolls her eyes. Boy clubs the girl. Girl wakes up next to boy.

Exhibit B: Bible Age

Boy is hungry. Boy realizes he has a few extra camels. Boy goes to girl’s father and sells him a couple. Girl wakes up next to boy, holding a pot and some lentils.

Exhibit C: Shakespearean Age

Boy falls in love with the beauty of an unattainable girl. Girl falls in love with the words of an unattainable boy. Fighting ensues. Girl wakes up next to dead boy.

Exhibit D: Modern Age

Boy puts on his best silk shirt and gels his hair. Girl wears a lot of makeup and butt-hugging jeans. Dancing ensues. Girl wakes up next to boy, shrugs, and goes to work.

Announcing our #1 contributor: Neila222

To continue the tradition of honoring our lovely contributors, we’re going to put the spotlight on someone neila222who ISN’T my father this time.

Rather, this week’s Contributor corner highlights the #1 WikiAnswers Contributor: Give it up for Neila222! Not only is she our #1 Contributor, she also happens to be the Supervisor of the fabulous Relationships topic.

I recently interviewed Neila222, to get a better idea of who she is…what makes her tick…how she got so smart. Here’s what she had to say…

How did you hear about WikiAnswers?

I’ve been with WikiAnswers for about three years (!!) now. I started back when it was still FAQ Farm, and we were all FAQ Farmers! My father-in-law (Roy, who is also a supervisor) was an avid WikiAnswers contributor, and turned me on to the growing excitement. The rest is history!

How do you feel about being the #1 WikiAnswers contributor?

Considering the only thing I’m consistently first in is the line at Starbucks every morning, I hold this as a very high honor.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

Honestly, I’m just incredibly anal, and this gives me a great outlet! For the longest time, I was changing questions that had the tiniest grammatical errors. (Imagine my chagrin that you can’t use commas in questions – it kills me!) Now that WikiAnswers has grown to astronomical proportions, I don’t have time to grammatically correct each and every question, but I do my best to make sure that there is some small sense of order to the chaos, and make things a little easier for contributors.

What is your area of expertise?

You mean other than being a grammar geek? :) I am actually a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan! I love Hitchcock movies and have seen almost all of them multiple times (except for a couple of the early ones). I have so much Hitchcock trivia in my head, I’m surprised there is room for much else!

What is the funniest question you’ve seen on WikiAnswers?

I see some real doozies in the Relationships and Sex categories! Not that this is really funny ha ha, but it’s definitely one that stood out. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something to the effect of “What type of glue do you have to use on a condom to make sure it sticks to your penis?”

Oh yes – seriously! After my initial gasp, I was really wishing I had this person’s phone number so I could call them up and scream, “NOOOO!” Luckily, it wasn’t long (seconds I think) before there were several answers screaming “NOOOO!” for me.

Most recently, I had a question that said, “What do you do if Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers asks you out but you’re not allowed to date yet?” I wondered if this is really a problem this girl has to worry about. Hmmm . . .

Share a random fact about yourself.

Besides my coffee addiction (my husband recently added it up and discovered that I spend the equivalent of half a car payment each month on coffee), I have some guilty pleasures. The biggest of those is that I love the Wiggles, and I like to listen to my son’s Wiggles CD even when I’m alone in the car. And I know I’m not the only one – I mean who doesn’t have a crush on Anthony, the Blue Wiggle?! Come on!

Thanks for all your contributions, Nelia222!