What’s hot in the world of answers.

Hot Topic: Not just a store I used to shop at 10 years ago.

Hot topics are the Q&A categories everyone’s dying to get involved in… So where are you?

I’m sharing a sampling below – but make sure to check out the rest at http://wiki.answers.com.

Holiday Gift GivingTwilightTwitterJustin BieberHerbal MedicineShakiraMafia WarsFantasy Football

Tweet goes the @AnswersDotCom.

Tweet tweet!Tweet tweet!

I’m assuming you’ve been following @Answersdotcom on Twitter, so I just thought I’d fill y’all in on how the magic happens:

Answers.com’s answers on Twitter are powered by ObjectiveMarketer

Ta da! ObjectiveMarketer is a social media application designed to give great feedback about who likes what your tweeting… and lots more.

So I hope you like what @AnswersDotCom is tweeting these days… And if you don’t, speak up and suggest!

Top ten Twitterer: @AnswersDotCom

Not only did @AnswersDotCom make this list of 100 Twitter Feeds That Teach You History, but the answerlicious Twitter account even made the top ten!

By the way, if you have been following @WikiAnswers on Twitter, you’ve been getting all kinds of updates and Q&As. If you want even more – including daily trivia – best to follow @AnswersDotCom, which is soon to become the main Twitter account for the world’s best answer engine.

Just sayin’.

Follow us!

Hey, all you Twitter fans out there! @WikiAnswers has been a staple of our Twitter escapades and now Answers.com is getting on the Twitter bandwagon. Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey, look out. We’ll be sending interesting bits of information to you, one tweet at a time. We’ll feature birthdays, historical events, words and other interesting facts that you may not have known about. You’ll be able to bring up these little morsels at your coffee break and look even smarter than you already are. Follow us at @AnswersDotCom. Tweet on!

Rocking the Twitterverse with #WikiWednesday.

Since you’re following WikiAnswers on Twitter – you are following WikiAnswers on Twitter, right? – here’s the latest way to celebrate the Wiki way with the very best Q&A community around: #WikiWednesday.

As you’ve realized, WikiAnswers Wednesday  is the weekly column we do on no.stupid.answers featuring the bizarre side of questions and answers. We want to extend that tradition of making Wednesday a day for wiki Q&A.

So at some point today (and every other Wednesday), find a question you love, hate, smiled at, laughed at, or cried about… and tweet it with the #WikiWednesday hashtag. That way, we can all share and track the WikiAnswers Wednesday love by tweeting our favorites, retweeting others’, and viewing the growing collection of #WikiWednesday Q&A’s.

Words of the Year, 2008

Word buffs and green folk alike should be pleased at the selection of hypermiling as top word of 2008. It refers to the activity – actually, for some, like top hypermiler Wayne Gerdes, it’s a competitive sport – of squeezing every last drop out of a gallon of gas. If that requires driving only downhill, so be it.

Other top words that didn’t make it to No. 1 were moofer – as in, one who moofs, a mobile out-of-office worker who gets his job done via Blackberry and the like; staycation – for those who want to enjoy their precious days off close to home or can’t afford to travel; and tweet, as in what you do when you use Twitter (shouldn’t it be called twit? Anyone?).

I detect a theme of mobility: These words all have to do with where you’re going (or not going) and how you get there.

Gotta love the way language grows and reshapes itself to fit our lives. 2008, we salute you.