Congratulations to our Wammy winners!

general_Wammy_logoPlease join us in congratulating the 2012 WAmmy award winners! The WAmmy awards (WikiAnswers Awards) are presented annually in recognition of outstanding talent on

Supervisor D4est, this year’s winner of Answer of the Year, is no stranger to the WAmmys, winning eight in her four years on the site! Prolific supervisor 4Jays took home the Most Answers of the Year award, an honor he also won in 2010. It’s no surprise that the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Rudiful2, who has racked up an impressive 3+ million contributions since 2007. Busy bee Stupid Little Genius was honored with the most contributions and the most category changes. See the full list of winners (and honorable mentions) here.

Thank you to all who participated in nominating and voting! Don’t forget, we’ve already begun taking nominations for the 2013 WAmmys in the Community Forum. Nominate yourself or any other registered user all year long.

P.S. As we continue to update and improve this program, we ask for your input. Please leave your feedback on our WAmmy Feedback Survey.

A WAmmy of a Year: 2011 Award Winners!

Since 2007, has been holding the annual WAmmy awards to honor the top questions on the site and to show our appreciation for all the contributions made by our members and 1025 Supervisors. The name WAmmy is based on the well known Grammy Awards and was inspired by the 1980’s TV game show, ‘Press Your Luck,’ that featured a mischievous cartoon character draped in a cape and known as a Whammy. From the Answer of the Year to the Funniest Question to the Lifetime Achievement Award, the 22 awards reflect the best in each category and are chosen by the community.
This year, out of a total of 14 billionanswers that came from a community of 150 million users, the top response was made by Wildrosebeef. The question: Are cows happy to be killed? The quality of the reply was both thoughtful and thorough and came from someone who has plenty of experience around animals and farms. “I guess you can say that I put a bit of [my] knowledge of Life and Death into that answer to make it have character and a colorful nature. Many think that people who live on a farm are indifferent to these sort of things, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth,” reported Wildrosebeef.

There are winners based on the quality of their answers, and others who prefer to stand out behind the scenes, like ThePrismGroup who won the Most Vandals Blocked award. The zeal he shows as a Vandal Patrol member is simple: “I like everyone to have a good experience when they visit us.” Some win awards from the sheer volume of contributions they make on the site. This year, Stupid Little Genius received the Lifetime Achievement Award. In just under five years, she has made 539,145 contributions.  One can find her everywhere on the site. She is active with questions, answers, edits, organization, community, and more. Have a look at her profile page and you will see that her favorite categories are related to insects, wildlife, and sea animals, and she is most active in Math and Arithmetic. Her expertise on such a variety of topics is truly remarkable and she is most deserving of this award this year.

The WAmmys for 2012 are already underway as users nominate members throughout the year for their valuable contributions.  If you want to nominate someone for a specific WAmmy category, go to the Kontributor Kudos thread in the Community Forum, or the Supervisor Forum under WAmmy. If you have any questions about this award, contact:

The 2010 WAmmy Awards announced!

In this season of somewhat superficial (but deliciously addictive) entertainment awards, we may forget the folks who truly make a difference in our local communities… one of those communities being your online community of contributors on

Millions of people contribute all year, and the annual WAmmy Awards are a chance to give a shout and badge of honor to the community’s nominees in dozens of categories.

Some of my personal favorites for 2010:

Check ’em all out here.

Feel free to personally congratulate winners on their message boards! Positive feedback makes the world go ’round…

You can start collecting and promoting your nominations for the 2011 WAmmys by posting them on the Community Forum, in the Kontributor Kudos section under the relevant WAmmy 2011 threads.

Announcing the 2009 WAmmy Awards!

WAmmy Answer of the YearThe results of the 3rd Annual WAmmy Awards (our official WikiAnswers awards show) are in! The winners and their acceptance speeches are now on

But keep in mind the following is just a small sampling of all the awards that have been presented to various users for excellence in contributing. Look for one of these award badges on a bio page near you and feel free to congratulate the contributor for their efforts!

Without further ado we hereby present the winners in our “Best Answer” categories:

Way to go everyone and good luck in next year’s competition!

Stay tuned for the 2009 WAmmy Awards.

Voting is now underway for the 2009 WikiAnswers Awards, otherwise known as the WAmmys.

The WAmmys is an annual event recognizing the excellence of contributors on WikiAnswers. While voting by the Supervisor community is completed this week, I can disclose a few of the answers nominated for best answer this year:

So what do you think? Stay tuned for the winners… In the meantime, you can review last year’s Hall of Fame.

WAmmy Awards

WAmmys 2008: the who’s who of WikiAnswers this year.

Sure, Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are getting a lot of attention at the Oscars. Sure, you’ll probably grab some popcorn and watch intently to see which celebs are wearing whose gowns on February 22nd.

But none of that awards-watching will inform you of who racked up the most WAmmys this year. How else will you know which two contributors had the Answers of the Year or the Most Contributions? How will you learn which New Supervisors are this year’s stars? And what about Best How-To Answer, Best Advice Answer and Funniest Answer?

The 2008 WAmmy Awards have been voted on and doled out… And WikiAnswers is the only place to find out the who, what, and most importantly – which questions – are winners this year.

Yes, last year’s WAmmys were such a big hit that they’ve done it again… So start brushing up on your answering skills for next year! In the meantime, check out the full listing of the winners

1st Annual WAmmy Award Winners

The votes are in and the final counts have been tallied. Drum roll, please. Announcing the Winners of WikiAnswers 1st Annual WAmmy Awards!

Answer of the Year

Winner – Joe Hepperle: “How do you know when a man is serious about you?”
Honorable Mention – QuirkyQuantumMechanic: “Can a car engine be used for a helicopter?”
Honorable Mention – Schnazola: “If a player kicks a soccer ball in a high arc toward the opponent’s goal will the velocity and acceleration of the ball be zero at the highest point in its trajectory?”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner – Chris (the founder of WikiAnswers
Honorable Mention – Neila222
Honorable Mention – Marcy

Funniest Question

Winner – Buxtonp: “When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died did he start to decompose?”
Honorable Mention – (Anonymous): “What color are smurfs when you choke them?”
Honorable Mention – (Anonymous): “When sign makers go on strike is anything written on their signs?”

Best Contributor in a Supporting Role

Winner – Deb
Honorable Mention – Ksmail
Honorable Mention – Brave3

Rising Star / Best Contributions by a New Supervisor

Winner – LauraFrog
Honorable Mention – EvilTechie
Honorable Mention – HisPowr4u

Funniest Answer

Winner – Schnazola: “How do I dry out the marijuana that got wet when I accidentally washed in my jeans?”
Honorable Mention – Zem: “Are crop circles the work of a cereal killer?”
Honorable Mention – An8thg: “How do you stop pesky in-laws from coming over?”

Best Researched Answer

Winner – Rosencrantz: “What are some examples of Newton’s three laws of motion?”
Honorable Mention – Joncey: “How was information controlled in World War 2 in Britain?”
Honorable Mention – USCitizen: “What types of tanks did America use in World War 2?”

Best Advice Answer

Winner – SapphireMoon: “How do you avoid running out of things to say2?”
Honorable Mention – Marcy: “How do you tell a new partner about an abusive past?”
Honorable Mention – Getacar: “How do you become the best student?”

Best How-To Answer

Winner – An8thg: “How do you keep a dog from getting out of the backyard?”
Honorable Mention – “What steps do you take to set up a website?”
Honorable Mention – Mina1: “How do you cook a turkey?” (1st half of answer)

The Good Samaritan / Most Contributions

Winner – Dlmick
Honorable Mention – Brave3

The Know-It-All / Most Answers

Winner – Brave3
Honorable Mention – Dlmick

The Neat Freak / Most Category Changes

Winner – Ksmail
Honorable Mention – An8thg

Rookie of the Year / Most Contributions by a New Supervisor

Winner – An8thg
Honorable Mention – HisPowr4u

Eye for Detail / Most Questions Improved

Winner – Deb
Honorable Mention – Dlmick

The Crimestopper / Most Vandals Blocked

Winner – Ganderton
Honorable Mention – Dlmick

In You We Trust / Most Trust Points Earned

Winner – RoyR
Honorable Mention – Clay

Congratulations to ALL nominees and winners! Look for the WAmmy Hall of Fame coming soon!