Banana-Fana Fo… It’s Liz!

I’m super-duper incredibly totally excited to be welcoming Liz (Eliesheva) to the Contributor Corner this week. Why, you ask?

Well first off, she is the reason I am able to spotlight so many awesome contributors here on the blog (it’s kinda her domain).

And second, Liz makes me smile. In fact, just seeing her name pop up on Skype makes me want to break out in song… Liz, Liz, bo-Liz, banana-fana fo-Liz, feel-fi mo-Liz! She is always energetic, happy and ready to tackle anything with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Here’s more on our resident Social Media Queen and valued member of our Community Development team:

What is your user name on

My user name is Eliesheva, which is also my real name (it’s the Hebrew origin of Elizabeth).

How did you first learn about the site? When?

I first learned about the site when I was called for an interview to in 2005. It was perfect timing – I was just starting grad school in my second language and knew I’d need an English-language resource to support my studies. Ta-da!

What is your role on and what does it entail?

I do lots of things here, but my core role is social media and marketing. Do you follow our Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, this blog, or play blufr? Samples of what I do.

What is your favorite activity on the site? Least favorite?

I love to answer questions in a random range of categories. Especially when I think it will help desperate teens or panicking lovers (ahem, teen dating and could I be pregnant if…). I also feel the need to feed my inner neurotic editor and clean up questions and answers when I see spelling or grammar mistakes.

Do you have a favorite category? Most despised category?

Truth is, my category activity is as random as my interests in real life. Categories that make me laugh? Camel racing, Sexting, Who would win.

Aside from, what do you like to do for fun? Hobbies?

I’m a writer, and for nearly seven years I’ve been blogging on my own personal site to ‘exercise’. I write short stories and used to write a lot of poetry. It’s always been my aim to get into writing for children, and I think I’m closer than ever to actually sitting down and doing it. Which leads me to my main source of fun these days: my almost two-year-old son.

Name one thing not many people know about you.

If I could take off a year and pick any career to pursue, I’d be a car mechanic.

If you moved to Sesame Street, who would you want as your neighbor? Why?

Grover, hands down. I know he gets himself into trouble, but he is so underrated. And Oscar would probably be another. Nothing like a neighbor who just wants to be left alone! On the other hand, I‘d live as far away as I can from Elmo. Imagine lending that guy sugar?

Any final words about the site? Your role? The community?

I feel lucky to work here with our team and our community. And the site itself settles my ridiculous curiosities. I never go a single movie-viewing without looking up info about it after. Working at has taught me as much as the site itself has, and contributing with the community continues to be an inspiration.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor Corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.


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