A Freeform Interview with Supervisor Fowl1

One of many awesome things our Answers.com Supervisors are known for is their remarkable storytelling capabilities. Our Supervisors can turn any answer into a written work of art and have the skills to create stories that inspire, enlighten and entertain. This week’s Featured Contributor is no exception. Rather than a structured interview, Fowl1 told a great story about his life, faith and experiences on Answers.com. And we’ve kept that intact for you to enjoy. Happy reading!

My user name is fairly explained in my profile but my real world name is Dave Fowler [‘fowl1‘… get it?]

I’m 63 and still married for some reason [as obnoxious as I am… she still won’t leave me, or kick me out, after 34 years]. We have three beautiful daughters, married; four wonderful sons-in-law [one of ’em didn’t take, so we have to pray for him harder than the other three] and ten priceless grandchildren. Oh, and Pete the bird. My wife took him from one of the girls out of pity for the bird.

We live somewhere in the Ohio Valley [you can’t get here from where you are]. We’ve been fortunate so far that everyone is near and able to gather together when we want to or need to. Many families don’t have that blessing.

My life isn’t as illustrious as many Answers.com Supervisors’ lives are. I’m just a plain old person — a dad and a “pap-pap.” Pretty boring, actually. And since I’m stuck with myself, I bore myself to sleep quite often. I recently discovered “wood burning” [the craft, not fireplaces]. I found what I thought would make a good “walking stick,” and my wife thought I should decorate it with some carving of vine and leaves. I started to carve it, but then thought to “burn” it in, instead. It’s a lot like pen and ink drawing that I used to do, except wood burning leaves a smoky residue in your nose. From there I attempted a picture of my daughter’s dog, Sadie. She likes it. I may stick with it for awhile (no pun intended?).

I discovered Answers.com quite by accident, when one day I was surfing for an answer to some mindless question that escapes me, now and which I don’t believe ever got answered. I stumbled into the wiki-world and kept coming back. Not with more questions but with answers. I discovered that anyone with any kind of talent or interest in anything at all can offer his opinion or expertise to others here, and maybe even make a difference to someone from time to time.

The Word of God has become an important part of my life over the course of my life and one of the responsibilities that goes with it is that whatever the Lord has revealed to us [albeit a grain of Truth or an abundance of it] we are to pass it along to others as the opportunity comes to us. Answers.com is an “opportunity.” Talk about the prophecy: “…knowledge shall be increased…” (Dan.12:4)! The Internet is scary in its fulfillment.

Early on in my Internet experience, back in the 1900s, I ignorantly went looking for “Bible-oriented” websites so that I might “share everything I knew about God with the rest of the world.” I was naive back then. Today, I’m just clueless. It was then that I experienced my first “cyberbullies” [who only tolerated those who cowed to them and agreed with everything they knew about God]. It was a lesson in human nature.

The ridicule and abuse they would put people through who visited their sites was disappointing to say the least. I understood what was going on with them, so I wasn’t bowing to them. But, I wondered how many young innocent people whose spirits “thirsted” for the Truth of God left there devastated, or at the very least, thinking God was as abusive as these “religious people” were or worse yet — gave in to them and stayed. That was back in the “olden days” when Windows 95 ruled, ’98 was up and coming to improve it, and it all froze up in the middle of an intense reply to your local cyberbully.

Then one day, Answers.com was thrown onto my lap [top] and I was pleasantly surprised with the cooperation and cordiality that lives here. People disagreed with one another without SCREAMING EPITHETS in caps [which I like to do from time to time, but for emphasis, not anger]. I’ve been accused of “screaming” in anger so I’ve tried to tone it down.

I’ve found Answers.com to be a rewarding place to be. I’ve been called out by some who disagree with my viewpoints — and I’ve been hurt from time to time because everyone doesn’t agree wholeheartedly with everything I believe [just kidding]. But, so far, even the “wiki-dissenters” have been cordial in their expressions.

Anyway, someone seemed to agree with some of what I have to say, as I was offered the position of “Floating Supervisor,” the power of which I’m trying not to abuse so that I don’t become corrupted. I just like to offer people whatever help I may be able to offer them in understanding whatever areas of God’s Word that He may have revealed to me [which I believe is more in prophecy than anything else].

The Bible is both the world’s most bestselling, and misunderstood, book in the world. Even some of the writers of its books didn’t get what they were inspired to write [see Dan.8:27; 12:8]. Yet, the prophecy states that understanding of the scriptures would come in the time of the end [of God’s plan].

“…the Words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end… the wise shall understand” (Dan.12:9-10). The Bible reveals the “wise” as those who hold a certain “fear of God” in their hearts [Prov.9:10].

Jesus Christ speaks clearly to “His servants,” those who are His. It is He who has “stripped away” the “seals” that closed the scriptures to understanding [see Rev.5:5 & chapter 6].

I believe I might have been given a small ability to “explain” to some people some of what has always been hidden in scripture, that a smattering of understanding of the scriptures might be achieved simply by passing on to others some of the things Jesus says. Growing up, I was told things about Jesus that I later found out the Bible doesn’t say or support. I found out these things by “reading the Bible.” This is something that the majority of modern professing Christians don’t do.

Answers.com allows me this “opportunity” to share with others the tiny grain of Truth God has allowed me to see. I’m far from anyone’s “Bible expert,” but I must be helping a little. I’ve been encouraged by the “recommendations” of others from time to time, that lets me know someone out there is able to hear and understand.

The “time of the end” gets closer with each passing day, not further away. And a nuclear-armed world grows more dangerous as we speak [or write]. I look at the world through the prophecies of the Bible, watching the development of global trends and events. I’m seeing the prophesied “one-world government” [called “global governance” in modern parlance] being sold to the nations of the world… watching them in turn, promote it, themselves. It’s coming. A bankrupt world [spiritually and economically] is teetering and leaning into it.

Answers.com serves the world, and is a gracious, inviting source through which to get a certain amount of “understanding” beyond the Ohio Valley, whereby I might be able to play some small part in preaching the “good news” of the Kingdom of God to someone in the world who might be listening.

Alright… turn off the mike. Interview’s over.

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