Welcome to the Darksyde…

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
~Mark Twain

As the great poet points out, we’re all said to have a “dark side.” In fact, even a Q&A site like Answers.com has one – with several BIG exceptions. Our dark side is actually bright and cheery, and spelled with a “y” not an “I”. That’s right. It’s this week’s Featured Contributor – Darksyde!

First Name: Jess
Occupation: Drug dealer — er — pharmacist/chemist

What is your Answers.com user name and how did it come about?

Darksyde. It stands for the dark side of the moon, the unexplored right under our nose, the mystery in the familiar.

Where in the world do you hail from? What makes this place special?

I’m from Greenville, SC. It’s in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where my mother’s people come from. The land is beautiful (“all green hills” as a Navajo once described it when I visited New Mexico) — green mountains towering on the horizon, mountain brooks rushing past on the way to the coast, and as our city name implies, plenty of plant life, even downtown. Greenville started as a mill town, but we’ve incorporated the now defunct factories into a park at the center of town which features a river walk and suspension bridge over the falls. We’re small enough to keep traffic of all sorts to a bearable level, but large enough to have pretty much whatever you may need within a few minutes’ drive. South Carolina’s slogan is “Smiling Faces, Beautiful Faces” and it’s pretty much true (the smiling faces bit, I mean — the beautiful places is always true) — most people in the Deep South are raised to be polite and friendly, especially if they know that you’re just visiting. You’ll always find a few rude people no matter where you go, but if you come to SC, you’ll find more smiles than frowns.

How did you first discover Answers.com?

Looking for information!

You can only pick one. Banjo, butterfly or babbling brook. Which one and why?

I’d take the brook, because it’s endlessly changing. I might get tired of banjo music and butterflies really only flap about and drink nectar.

What is your favorite thing to do on Answers.com?

I like putting questions into the proper categories and merging duplicate questions.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

On WikiAnswers, I’ve won the Charity AnswerThon and come in as runner up/honorable mention in one AnswerThon and several WAmmy awards. In real life, I’ve written and sold my short stories, successfully participated in NaNoWriMo several times, and am finishing my first fiction novel.

What makes you unique?

My quirky way of looking at the world.

What is the most challenging part of being an Answers.com Supervisor?

Keeping all of the zillions of variations of the same bloody question merged into the main one is a never-ending battle. I also have a moral problem with all these kids blatantly cheating on their tests and schoolwork — I tend to trash anything that starts “which of the following” or with any number (as in 4. What is the___). I find answering the questions themselves an enjoyable challenge — I like looking up answers that I don’t know, thus learning as the asker is learning.

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